B&O launch A2 portable Bluetooth speaker

A B&O Speaker for under £300 - whatever next?!

by hodg100 Oct 23, 2014 at 10:32 AM

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    B&O launch A2 portable Bluetooth speaker
    B&O has launched the BeoPlay A2 – its first Bluetooth speaker, with performance and features that they claim immediately make it a class-leading product.
    Designed by Cecilie Manz, the portable BeoPlay A2 offers a set of unique features – delivering a gorgeous slice of B&O style and sonic substance at a surprisingly affordable price point.

    BeoPlay A2 is powered by a digital sound processor that ensures a well‐balanced sound profile featuring rich bass – perfectly aligned with the Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound that is designed to bring you music the way the artists intended it – authentic and clean.

    Featuring a unique flat design with a solid aluminium core for acoustic stability and durability – and a polymer shell designed to withstand the ruggedness of a life on the go. A short premium leather strap lets you carry BeoPlay A2 easily with you wherever you are going.

    Feel confident that your smartphone will not run out of battery when BeoPlay A2 is nearby. Connect through the USB port and charge directly. This way it ensures you have enough battery life on both your BeoPlay A2 and phone to enjoy the music.

    Easy setup using the latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology that boasts best‐in‐class aptX streaming performance. BeoPlay A2 remembers up to 8 users, and can play from 2 devices at a time – so you can team up with your friends and take turns being the DJ.

    The rechargeable Li‐ion battery features B&O’s Adaptive Power Management technology that ensures you get up to 24 hours of battery life – enough to keep the party going all day and night. And when the battery has powered out 24 hours of music, you can fast recharge it to full again in just 3 hours.

    BeoPlay A2 is a stereo speaker with two channels on each side of the device applying a new Bang & Olufsen technology called ”Power Response Enhancement”. That technology exploits the wide sound dispersion in the low frequency to boost the sound performance at the edges and get an omnidirectional sound. The result is an experience B&O PLAY calls ”True360”.

    It has two speaker drivers on each side – a ¾-­‐inch tweeter and a 3-­‐inch full range driver. If you are in front of the speaker, you will get a full range experience from one channel and high frequency from the other – and vice versa when you’re on the opposite side of the speaker. As BeoPlay A2 is very slim, the midrange and lower frequencies of the full range driver will radiate around the edge and create a full, spacious experience on both sides and on the edges.

    This driver combination creates the Power Response Enhancement needed to achieve the great True360 sound experience the audio designers were looking for. This means you will get an optimal experience regardless of which side of the speaker is turned towards you.

    The Power Response Enhancement technology is arguably the simplest and best way of implementing a stereo experience from such a compact product.

    The midrange in BeoPlayA2 is very good – and one of the benefits of that is an excellent speech reproduction. That comes in handy when listening to podcasts, if you’re watching movies – or when listening to music for that matter.

    The core of BeoPlay A2 is made out of extruded aluminium. Aluminium extrusion is a technique used to transform aluminium alloy into objects with a fixed cross-sectional profile. This technique gives you both the ability to create very complex cross-sections – and it also ensures an excellent surface finish.

    The grill on the speaker is made out of a durable polymer combination of polycarbonate and ABS. The actual casting of the grill is a very complex task; the polymer has to flow around the holes – and fasten on the other side. There is a risk involved here because that can result in “stretch marks” or “bright spots” on the polymer if too much air is let in or not enough polymer gets around the holes for an even surface.

    BeoPlay A2 is a robust product that can withstand bumps and scratches. The drivers inside the speaker are water‐resistant – and the buttons on the side are sealed so water can’t get in – as are the areas where the aluminium is attached to the polymer. BeoPlay A2 can take the occasional sprinkle and rain drops, but isn’t meant for under-­‐water listening!

    It’s available at stockists including Amazon, from 3rd November, priced £299.

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