Bluesound add wireless surround function to PULSE Soundbar

Surround without the wires

by hodg100 Nov 30, 2017 at 12:31 PM

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    Bluesound add wireless surround function to PULSE Soundbar
    Bluesound has introduced the ability to create a PULSE 4.1 wireless home theatre system with support for Dolby Digital surround sound.
    Using the new BluOS software and app released today, version 2.14, the PULSE SOUNDBAR and SUB can be wirelessly connected with a pair of PULSE FLEX speakers to act as dedicated rear wireless surround speakers for a more immersive listening experience.

    Bluesound’s first-ever wireless surround sound system can be integrated into any TV room and, in addition, the system is a high-resolution music system and a part of the BluOS wireless multi-room ecosystem, with on-demand access to popular music services and the ability to wirelessly stream different music to multiple rooms or listen to the same music simultaneously all around the house.

    We‘re making wireless home theater simple by putting the latest surround sound codecs in a smart multi-channel system that delivers immersive high-fidelity sound,” said Matt Simmonds, Bluesound Product Manager. “Without compromising any of our design, acoustics or engineering, our customers can enjoy all their movies, TV shows, and video games—with theater-style sound and expand the listening experience to any room in the home.”

    Like all other Bluesound Players, it can be set up on a home WiFi following step-by-step instructions in the BluOS app, and controlled using a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or any programmable IR remote control. The BluOS app also allows listeners to select one of three listening modes for the PULSE SOUNDBAR (TV, Music, and Movie) and fine tune each of the modes with advanced audio settings that include Late Night, Enhanced Dialogue, Deep Bass, Lip Sync Delay, and more.

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