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by hodg100 Nov 25, 2015 at 1:02 PM

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    Black Friday UK 2015: Deals and Bargains
    It’s that time of year again; what began as an excuse for our friends across to the pond to go wild in the aisles, is now an established shopping phenomenon here in the UK.

    What is Black Friday?

    Black Friday falls on the Friday 27 November, this year, and total sales are expected to eclipse the estimated £810 million spent by UK shoppers in 2014. It’s no coincidence it falls on, what is for many, the last payday before Christmas. Black Friday is swiftly followed by Cyber Monday on 30th November where, last year, UK shoppers spent a further £650 million.

    Typically, a limited amount of a particular product will go on sale at an allotted time, often at headline grabbing prices to attract attention and internet traffic. In other words, some deals are definitely more attractive than others so you’ll need to be on the ball to grab those.

    Black Friday Home Cinema deals

    As far as AVForums members are concerned it’s a good time to go shopping as technology, gaming and movie sectors are ones that attract generous discounts.

    We will be keeping our eyes out for deals and you can find our threads using this link to Black Friday Bargains. Last year, the Amazon Fire TV attracted a £15 discount on the day and we know Noble audio will be knocking 20% off all their in-ear monitors, as well as throwing in a BTS Bluetooth receiver. We’ve also been informed that VBox will be reducing their prices by 10% on all products over the Black Friday weekend but there will be lots more discounts right across the range of products we review.

    Black Friday 2015 UK Retailers

    Below are links to some of the major retailers’ Black Friday deals pages:

    Amazon Black Friday Deals Page (Deals up until 27/11/15) Black Friday Deals (Deals all week)
    Argos Black Friday Deals (Deals all week)
    Currys Black Friday Deals (Sale opens in store and online 6am 27/11/15)
    HMV Black Friday
    John Lewis Black Friday Deals (27/11/15 – all day)
    Sainsbury’s Black Friday Page (Begins 27/11/15 – when it’s gone, it’s gone) Black Friday Deals (Sales starts 27/11/15 and ends midnight 30/11/15) Black Friday Page (Deals all week)

    Be sure to let us know what bargains you’ve picked up and share any deals you’ve seen. Happy shopping!

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