Beyerdynamic to launch new high-end headphones at IFA 2016

DT 1990 PRO aimed at Hi-fi enthusiasts and music professionals

by Mark Hodgkinson Aug 2, 2016 at 12:42 PM

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    Beyerdynamic to launch new high-end headphones at IFA 2016
    Beyerdynamic is set to introduce its newest high-end headphone at IFA 2016: the DT 1990 PRO.
    The DT 1990 PRO contains Beyerdynamic's exclusive Tesla technology, creating high levels of efficiency with distortion-free sound reproduction across all signal levels and it’s something we found very effective in the past.

    The highly-responsive Tesla transducers utilise extremely fine copper wires (half as thick as a human hair), which are also used in the successful DT 1770 PRO. In the case of the DT 1770 PRO, however, the transducers are integrated in a closed system, making the headphones suitable for loud environments.

    The DT 1990 PRO has an open back design and uses ‘high-tech’ materials designed to ensure optimal wearer comfort. The memory foam-filled ear pads should offer an excellent fit with little pressure or heat on the ears. The sound can also be tuned thanks to replaceable ear pads, as two variants are supplied with the headphones. One favours neutral, analytical sound, while the other tends towards a warmer tuning with more bass.

    The DT 1990 PRO includes two detachable cables with mini-XLR connectors, allowing professionals to choose between a straight or coiled cable to suit their needs. The headphones can also be protected from impact during everyday use by a high-quality transport case.

    The DT 1990 PRO will be available worldwide in September from authorised dealers, and at, and will be priced at €599.

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