Best of AVForums: 27th Oct - 2nd Nov, 2018

The week that was

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Nov 3, 2018 at 6:12 PM

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     Best of AVForums: 27th Oct - 2nd Nov, 2018
    Take a moment to relax, look back and catch up with all the stories you missed from last week.
    Streaming and Disc Reviews:

    Netflix's House of Cards - The Final Season Review
    Does House of Cards finally collapse following Kevin Spacey's infamous departure? Read the review here.
    Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House Review
    Halloween has gone but we take a belated look at one of the best scary TV series that nobody saw coming. Read our full review here.

    The Matrix Reloaded 4K Blu-ray Review
    Before Revolutions unravelled the whole thing, the first sequel to The Matrix had a blast expanding on the universe. Click to find out if it looks good in 4K?

    The Matrix Revolutions 4K Blu-ray Review
    Revolutions saw the Wachowskis' opus imploding under the weight of pretentious ramblings. Read out full review to find out if Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos-enhanced 4K disc is worth picking up.

    Warrior 4K Blu-ray Review
    Read our full review of ‘Warrior’. A mismarketed box office flop, an underrated 2011 gem and so much more than just a modern take on Rocky, Warrior makes its long-overdue UK 4K bow.

    Night of the Demon Blu-ray Review
    Night of the Demon finally comes to the UK on Blu-ray, is it a must have? Click the link to find out.

    Jackie Chan's Project A Part II Blu-ray Review
    Jackie Chan returns for more action and bigger stunts in the rollicking sequel, Project A Part II, out now in Eureka's Box Set Blu-ray. Read the full review here.

    Hardware Reviews:

    Denon AVC-X6500H 11.2 AV Amplifier Review
    The Denon AVC-X6500H is the company's latest mid-range AV amplifier, but how does it differ from the X6400 and what is IMAX Enhanced? Find out in our full review.

    Pro-Ject Primary E Turntable Review
    Pro-Ject has refined its Primary record player to a previously unseen price point - is this where your vinyl adventure begins? Click to find out.

    Philips 803 (65OLED803) Review
    Philips 803 is their entry-level OLED 4K TV and the new model boasts a 2nd Gen P5+ processor, HDR10+ support, three-sided Ambilight and the Android Smart TV platform. Is it worth buying? Find out here.

    News and Articles:

    New Apple MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro
    New iPad Pro with new sizes along with a new Mac Mini and MacBook Air announced. Read the full story to see if they are worth buying.

    Sport on TV This Week: November 3rd - 9th
    Read our full rundown of the best and biggest sporting events you can find on UK TV this coming week.

    Best TV and Movies from October, 2018
    Click the link to see our recap the best new TV and Movies from October, 2018. From Netflix, Amazon, BBC and others.

    What is IMAX Enhanced?
    A new licensing and certification home entertainment programme has been announced called IMAX Enhanced, but is it just marketing or something entirely new? Read our full explanation here.


    AVForums Podcast: 29th October 2018
    This week we review the Denon X6500 AV amplifier, finally discover what IMAX Enhanced is, get Ed's pick of the month for music, review Bohemian Rhapsody and wrap up the best of the month.

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