Best New Broadcast TV: 22nd - 28th October, 2018

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 22, 2018 at 4:02 PM

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    Best New Broadcast TV: 22nd - 28th October, 2018
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    Only Connect
    Season 14 - BBC2 8:00pm Mon 22 Oct
    Victoria Coren Mitchell returns with the quiz in which teams must use patience, lateral thinking and sheer inspiration to make connections between four things that may appear at first not to be linked. In the first match the Hotpots take on the Poptimists, with one set of clues consisting of Beethoven's 7th, Centre of gravity, 3rd of November, and Very beginning.

    Season 4 - Sky One 8:00pm Mon 22 Oct
    American Alien Kara is called into action when remnants of Project Cadmus attempt to assassinate pro-alien leaders, but their endgame turns out to be even more sinister than she thinks. Return of the comic-book adventure, starring Melissa Benoist.

    Family Guy
    Season 17 - ITV2 9:00pm Mon 22 Oct
    Married with Cancer. After falling in love with a woman called Jess, Brian receives the devastating news that she has cancer, so he proposes marriage. Return of the animated comedy.

    American Dad!
    Season 13 - ITV2 9:30pm Mon 22 Oct
    Father's Daze. Stan is crushed when he realises his loved ones have forgotten about Father's Day, so he gives them a chance to make it up to him by celebrating belatedly. When he is less than thrilled with the results, he uses the CIA's Memory-Neutraliser to Groundhog Day the family, erasing their memories of the last 24 hours and forcing them to re-live the holiday until it is perfect.

    Season 7 - Sky One 8:00pm Tue 23 Oct
    Inmate 4587. New series. Oliver is sent to a maximum security prison after revealing his identity and Felicity encounters someone from her past. The return of the adventure, with Stephen Amell.

    On Assignment
    Season 6 ITV London 10:45pm Tue 23 Oct
    New series. James Mates returns to Greece, three months on from the devastating fires that killed almost 100 people in the holiday resort town of Mati. Rohit Kachroo is in Serbia attending a Russian-inspired military patriotic youth camp that hopes to strengthen ties between this former Yugoslav state and close friend and ally Russia. Charlene White travels to Budapest, home of this year's EuroSkills Championships, to meet the British joiners, engineers and restaurant staff competing to be the best in Europe.

    Grey's Anatomy
    Season 15 - Sky Witness 9:00pm Wed 24 Oct
    With a Wonder and a Wild Desire. New series. The medical drama returns with a two-part story. The doctors vie for a new position, Meredith struggles to stay focused and Maggie finds herself keeping a big secret. Jo and Alex's honeymoon does not go as planned.

    Luisa Omielan's Politics for B*****s

    Season 1 Episode - BBC1 11:15pm Wed 24 Oct
    Housing. New series. The comedian sets out on a mission to educate young people about politics and the reason the subject is so important, beginning with a look at the housing crisis. Luisa is looking for a home herself, but on her budget getting a mortgage for more than a parking space proves difficult, so she looks at the alternatives - from speed flatmating nights to becoming a property guardian

    100 Days to Victory
    Season 1 BBC2 London 8:00pm Thu 25 Oct
    The Spring Offensive. New series. The first in a two-part documentary drama reconstructing the final months of battle in 1918, showing how the Allied forces eventually won the First World War. The Germans had launched a mighty `shock and awe' attack, advancing more than 60km in only three days. Standing in their path were British, French, Australian and Canadian forces, whose four leaders - General Haig, Marshal Foch, General Monash and General Currie - concluded that the only way to achieve victory was by the effective co-ordination of artillery, tanks, aircraft and infantry. It was the birth of modern warfare.

    Season 1 - Sky Atlantic 10:00pm Thu 25 Oct
    Dark comedy, written by and starring Julia Davis. Sally (Peep Show's Catherine Shepherd) has been living a comfortable but crushingly dull life with her partner of 10 years, David. When David makes a poorly-timed and feebly-executed attempt at a proposal, it sparks a crisis that leads Sally to embark on a stormy and chaotic affair with the seductive and unpredictable bohemian artist Emma (Davis).

    The Mash Report
    Season 2 - BBC2 10:00pm Fri 26 Oct
    New series. Nish Kumar and a cast of comedy correspondents present the satirical and surreal take on the week's news.

    The Little Drummer Girl
    Season 1 - BBC1 9:00pm Sun 28 Oct
    New series. Spy drama set in the 1970s, following the aftermath of a bombing in East Germany. An Israeli intelligence operative investigates, and discovers, a connection to a series of assassination attempts against prominent Jewish figures around the world. In London, a struggling actress accepts the offer of a holiday in Greece, leading her to a whirlwind romance that draws her into the agent's operation. Starring Michael Shannon and Florence Pugh.

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