Bang & Olufsen launch new Ultra HD 4K TV

BeoVision 14 looks lovely but without HDR is it a viable product?

by hodg100 Aug 12, 2016 at 11:05 AM

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    Bang & Olufsen launch new Ultra HD 4K TV
    Bang & Olufsen have announced a new Ultra HD 4K TV going by the name BeoVision 14 with a customary stylish design and premium price-point.
    The TV features crafted oak wood lamellas on the front to contrast with the dark cool glass panel and the square aluminium frame - and it’s certainly a looker. The BeoVison 14 comes in 40- or 55-inch options and, unsurprisingly, features an LCD screen with LED backlighting. The anti-reflection front glass is said to reduce reflections by more than 98 per cent so perhaps it’s based on moth-eye technology like some of the high-end Samsung SUHD TVs.

    The television includes technologies such as the 360 degree Automatic Picture Control sensor, to provide optimum image and sound, whether you are watching films, listening to music or playing games. One technology noticeably lacking in such a high-end TV is the capability to display High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, which seems like a huge omission in 2016.

    They say the construction of the ultra-thin oak wood lamellas that cover the three-way custom-built speaker requires work of extraordinary precision and only the finest, flawless oak will do. The speaker cover draws upon acoustic advances pioneered in the BeoLab 18 loudspeaker, which features similar oak lamellas.

    The BeoVision 14 is powered by the Android TV platform and integrated Google Cast technology enables streaming of movies, photos and music straight from your mobile or tablet at the touch of a button. BeoVision 14 also handles new formats such as HEVC, which allows streaming of 4K content directly from online sources, although they haven’t said which streaming apps are included.

    Simultaneously with the launch of BeoVision 14 Bang & Olufsen is introducing a new version of the BeoRemote One. The new BeoRemote One Bluetooth features four MyButtons that enables users to take a snapshot of a setting and then revert to that setting at any time simply by pressing the button.

    The BeoVision 14 offers freedom in terms of placement options. You can choose a motorised floor stand for intelligent adjustability using only the remote control, hang the television on the wall like a work of art – left or right hinged – or place it against a fixed easel stand.

    As a cheaper alternative to oak lamellas, cloth fronts are available in multiple colours to customise your BeoVision 14 to your interior décor.

    BeoVision 14-40 is available in Bang & Olufsen stores at a recommended retail price of £5,190 with oak speaker cover and £4,495 with cloth speaker cover. The BeoVision 14-55 is available at a recommended retail price of £7,190 with oak speaker cover and £6,495 with cloth speaker cover. Stand and wall bracket options start at £355, while the BeoRemote One Bluetooth is available at a recommended retail price of £235.

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