Bang & Olufsen announce new BeoVision Horizon TV

No HDR on the Horizon?

by Mark Hodgkinson Aug 31, 2016 at 11:42 AM

  • According to B&O, the BeoVision Horizon is tailored to the modern lifestyle demand of flexibility, with a screen that will fit in anywhere, regardless of your decor.
    The Horizon is a 4K Ultra HD TV but there’s no mention of HDR support in the spec which is disappointing. The placement flexibility is provided by an automatic image optimisation feature for varying viewing conditions but there do appear to be calibration controls on board, as well.

    In terms of smart functionality, B&O have plumped for Android so hopefully there will be UHD apps from Netflix and Amazon available, in addition to the usual suspects.

    BeoVision Horizon is all about flexibility and connectivity, creating social spaces and sharing great experiences. This 4K UHD TV packs everything into one vigorous and beautiful solution that provides an extraordinary, yet casual viewing experience”, says Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President Brand, Design & Marketing.

    The BeoVision Horizon mounts on the wall, but it can also be placed on a set of wheels, a 360 degree rotating floor stand or leaned back on the floor on an easel stand, if you dare.

    Like others in the range, the BeoVision Horizon will integrate with all the other Multiroom products from Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY, and has space for either a HDD or an Apple TV inside.

    The BeoVision Horizon is available as 40” and 48” at Bang & Olufsen stores at a recommended retail price from £2495 for the 40-inch, including the BeoRemote One and £3695 for the 48”.

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