AVForums Podcast: 12th November 2018

Can you buy a steamroller? Yes, yes you can!

by Phil Hinton Nov 12, 2018 at 7:29 AM

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    AVForums Podcast: 12th November 2018
    This week Ed decides he wants to drop £50K on a steamroller, as you do.
    Meanwhile, Phil reviews two very different 4K Projectors with one £1K model from ViewSonic sporting DLP technology and the other from Sony with its native resolution and an £8K price tag. Steve reviews some expensive B&W 700 speakers at one end of the market, while Ed gets budget conscious with some Wharfedale D320 speakers. We also have a review of Overlord at the cinema, cover this week's releases at the flicks and on discs as well as some TV show highlights to look out for.

    Listen here:

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