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by hodg100 Apr 2, 2017 at 8:09 AM

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    AVForums Launch TV, Broadband & phone comparison tool
    AVForums has recently launched a new comparison tool which will help you discover the best broadband, home phone & TV deals in your area.
    We have collated thousands of deals, from all the top broadband and digital TV providers, to help our community save money on subscriptions. We’re basically taking the pain out of the process for you.

    The tool will allow you to search for combinations of TV and Phone, Phone and Broadband or, of course, the 'full' package of all three. Searches are based on your postcode, which you enter at the top, and arranged in a simple and easy to follow format on the page.

    Special deals, i.e. discounts, and incentives, such as a free TV box or even a money back reward card are clearly highlighted with deals arranged in ascending order of price down the page.

    Your searches can be refined in several ways so that you can find just what you’re looking for. If you’re happy simply with regular broadband, just highlight that option but power internet users also have the choice of a very fast fibre optic connection. Or, if you’re undecided, have a look at both.

    The next option covers your broadband usage - choose Unlimited or include contracts that might have a capped allowance.

    If you do choose to include a landline as part of your package, you can specify your likely phone usage between options of Rarely, Evenings & Weekend or Anytime to ensure you won’t be paying any more than you need to.

    We’ve scoured all the deals from all the top providers including Sky, BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, Plusnet, John Lewis, EE, Hyperoptic, NOW TV, SSE and Vodafone so the bases are well covered.

    While we think the tool is extremely easy to use, if you do happen to get a bit stuck there’s even an 0800 number on the page which will take you directly through to an AVForums representative. They are there to help talk you through the details to find the right package for you.

    You can find out how easy it to use (and it really is) here: https://www.avforums.com/digitaltv-broadband-deals/

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