Audeze debuts iSINE Planar Magnetic Earphones at CES 2017

You're thinking they look a bit like TIE Fighters aren't you?

by Ed Selley Jan 7, 2017 at 6:30 AM

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    Audeze debuts iSINE Planar Magnetic Earphones at CES 2017
    Californian headphone manufacturer Audeze has used CES 2017 to show the production version of their new iSINE Planar Magnetic earphones.
    Planar magnetic drivers are extremely thin and lightweight membranes onto which a voicecoil is printed to create movement. This is not too uncommon a process with full size headphones, of which Audeze makes several. The process of shrinking it down to earphone size so that the same principles still function is extremely involved though and Audeze had devoted some considerable time and effort to getting the iSINE to work properly.
    Audeze iSINE
    The driver itself is a true planar magnetic type and Audeze claims that the iSINE has total distortion figures in the order of 0.1% which is extremely low for an in-ear design. The Fluxor magnet system that features in the full size designs is replicated in miniature and the performance from a quick demonstration on stand was extremely impressive.

    An equally notable feature of the iSINE is that the basic design has been created from the outset to be iPhone friendly, and with the arrival of the iPhone 7, this looks like a solid bet. As shipped, the iSINE supports a 24bit Lightning connection with full remote and microphone functionality and the presentation can be customised using the iOS app. Audeze is currently fulfilling orders to customers who backed the program but hopes to make the two models available in the UK soon.

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