ASUS announce Chromecast rival with Miracast Dongle

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by hodg100 Nov 15, 2013 at 12:24 PM

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    ASUS announce Chromecast rival with Miracast Dongle
    Manufacturers of multiple modern devices, ASUS, has announced its new Miracast Dongle.
    There’s more than a passing resemblance to Google’s Chromecast device, in not just form, but function. It’s not as restricted as Mountain View’s streaming stick, howvere, as it will allow any content from your phone or tablet to be streamed to your HDTV, not just those services which have signed up with Google, such as Netflix and Hulu.
    Stream anything.
    Of course, the Miracast Dongle has to support dual-band wireless streaming for lag-free transmission of Full HD movies but, not only that, it will also allow you to view your photos, video clips and let you to play games on the bigger-screen.

    The Dongle weighs just 35g and measures 111 x 32 x 11mm. AUSS says it is compatible with most ASUS tablets, but any device supporting Miracast should work just fine. All you need to do to get ste up is plug the dongle in to one of your TVs HDMI ports and then attach the power cord. It would have been a bit tidier if they could have given a USB powered option for those TVs that could support it.

    Once the connection with a mobile device is established, users can view any content from their smartphone or tablet on the TV, and you can even zoom in and out of photos.

    There's no word on pricing or release date, yet, but expect the former to be very competitive and the latter, in the very near future.

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