Artnovion bring designer looks to Acoustic Panels

And an app too

by hodg100 Aug 9, 2016 at 10:05 AM

  • Acoustical treatments can be a great idea but they’re not always the most attractive solution so Artnovion is aiming to bridge the style gap with a range of very attractive panels.
    The company’s High End collection is designed for residential and commercial properties and, they claim, delivers a dramatically improved audio performance as well as a stunning focus to any location.

    Simple to install and with a selection of unique multi-dimensional finishes, Artnovion’s latest collection is tailored for home owners, architects and interior designers and the range of panels include absorbers, bass traps and diffusers.

    The panels offer soundproofing by controlling sound levels and aim to deliver improved sound quality by shaping the way sound interacts within the room

    Artnovion has created an acoustics app called Impulso, which is designed to help users tune their rooms without requiring specialist training. With a user-friendly layout, room measurement is carried out in a few easy steps via the software’s interface. Configure the sound levels, and click ‘Go!’ for immediate results. As well as measuring the room, the app allows you to pick your desired Artnovion products, and then it automatically simulates how the room’s acoustics will improve, showing a reverberation time graph.
    Sound is an audacious and powerful living element. An element that shapes the perception of our universe and embraces our senses. Curious about this elegant interaction I have nurtured a passion for sound ever since I can remember. Driven by the challenges of unravelling the mysteries of sound, I have been traveling through an extraordinary life journey of studying, imagining and creating acoustic innovation. Artnovion has become my life’s mission, the canvas I created to share this journey with you.’ - Jorge Castro, CEO, Artnovion.

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