Arcam irDAC-II launching February 2016

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by hodg100 Jan 7, 2016 at 10:29 AM

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    Arcam irDAC-II launching February 2016
    Arcam’s irDAC has been around for three years now and while it was undoubtedly a great product, time and technologies march on so it’s time for a refresh – cue the new Arcam irDAC-II.
    Replacing the irDAC, the new irDAC-II continues the story, adding advanced Bluetooth connectivity, headphone output, DSD128 support and a host of internal upgrades.

    Briefed to up the ante in a competitive market, Arcam engineering team have blended ingredients from across Arcam’s R&D programme, to deliver a major performance and function upgrade. The irDAC-II comes packed with cutting edge technology and features that sholuld benefit the most demanding user.

    Key improvements include:

    - New internal circuits and a major DAC upgrade
    - New audiophile headphone amplifier stage
    - New Bluetooth aptX LL input
    - New DSD128 support
    - New ESS ES9016 Sabre DAC

    Full details will be revealed at the global launch, during the Bristol Show in February 2016, but we know it will be priced at £495 upon release.

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