Apple TV 4K set for HDR/SDR bug fix

Plus dynamic refresh rate switching to be added

by hodg100 Oct 31, 2017 at 3:46 PM

  • The Apple TV 4K is a great little streamer and although we have a couple of major gripes with it, Apple may be about to fix them both.
    Our biggest issue is that once you’ve chosen your preferred video output, between Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR), the ATV 4K then applies that regardless of the content itself, which isn’t too bad when it’s outputting HDR as SDR but a crime against the eyes when applied vice versa.

    It seems that Apple has now cottoned on to that (blindingly obvious) fact, however, and has released the first beta of tvOS 11.2 to developers for testing which promises to automatically deliver the correct dynamic range, provided the apps developers take advantage of the facility, of course, and we hope most, if not all, will!

    The other major issue, although it’s not uncommon in the media streamer world, is that the Apple TV 4K is locked in to whichever refresh rate is selected in its settings, regardless of the frame rate of the content. So, for instance, you could be watching a show at 60Hz that is captured at 25 frames per second, resulting in a mis-match that leads to less than optimal (read jerky) output. tvOS 11.2 also promises to allow developers to utilise the automatic refresh rate switching capability built therein, which would also be a tremendous improvement on the current state of affairs.

    The release notes for the beta also mention ‘Restoring Unwatched category in Home Sharing for Movies, TV Shows, and Home Videos but the first two fixes are far more interesting.

    As said, the fixes are currently in beta to the devs so it may be a while before tvOS11.2 is released to the public but it’s great to know Apple has taken note and, not only that, wants to fix its problems!

    Sources: MacRumours; Apple

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