Apple to become medical devices company and considers car manufacturing

Electronic Cars and Health Sensing Tech could be Apple's next big idea

by hodg100 Feb 17, 2014 at 10:39 AM

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    Apple to become medical devices company and considers car manufacturing
    According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, Apple is looking in to the possibilities of branching out in to producing electronic cars as well as medical devices.
    The company, conscious of the fact the boom in the sales of iPads and iPhones can’t last forever, is exploring new areas and has tasked Adrian Perica – Apple’s mergers and acquisitions chief – with looking at areas far outside Cupertino’s usual remit.

    The SF Chronicle’s source has told them that Perica met with the CEO of electronic car manufacturers Tesla, last spring, sparking the suggestion the Apple may put in a bid for the company, although neither party is yet willing to comment on the possibility.
    THX audio engineer listening to blood flow to predict potential heart attacks

    The newspaper has also learned that Apple is also apparently seriously investigating the medical devices market with a specific emphasis on sensor technology that can help predict heart attacks.

    This exploration is being led by Tomlinson Holman who is known in the AV world as the man that invented the Lucasfilm THX sound system and also developed the world's first 10.2 sound system. The technology apparently works by analysing the sounds blood makes at it flows through arteries.

    "Apple must increasingly rely on new products to reignite growth beyond the vision" of late founder Steve Jobs, said Bill Kreher, an analyst with Edward Jones Investments in St. Louis. "They need the next big thing."
    "They need the next big thing."
    Further reports that emerged over the weekend suggest that Apple has also been in talks with Basis Science — manufacturers of the Basis Health Tracker Watch—about a potential buy-out, so it certainly looks like the idea of Apple becoming a medical devices company has some foundation.

    Of course, Apple is always looking at new ideas and avenues of revenue so we should treat the reports with some caution but they do, undoubtedly, need the ‘next big thing’ to keep up momentum and it might just be in a field that nobody was expecting.

    Source: San Francisco Chronicle, Gizmodo

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