Apple's Streaming Service to Launch April 2019

Apple set to duke it out with Netflix and Disney in the streaming Thunderdome.

by Andy Bassett Jan 30, 2019 at 12:11 PM

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    Apple's Streaming Service to Launch April 2019
    Video streaming services are being announced left, right and centre and Apple’s looks to be confirmed for an April 2019 launch. Are you game for yet another subscription?
    With the acknowledged success of Netflix, the video streaming pie is steadily being carved up with gusto by companies keen to get in on the action. Apple, usually such an innovator, is somewhat late to the game but a report from ‘The Information’ claims that Apple’s content creators have been asked “to be ready for launch by mid-April”. A release date is said to be planned within a few weeks of the mid-April launch target. What the exact different between the 'launch' date and the 'release' date is, the report doesn't say.
    Apple’s intent is clear, they will provide original content as well as curated material from studios and networks who, presumably, Apple has spent a good deal of time and money wooing. Oprah Winfrey is expected to produce a new series specifically for the service, plus there’s a children show from the makers of Sesame Street - surely an important feather in the cap in the battle against Disney+ - and projects from M Night Shyamalan and also an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi novel Foundation. And all this is planned to be rolled out to over 100 countries.

    However, it will require more than ambition to take on the well-established Netflix and the ‘everything-owning’ Disney, and the competition doesn’t stop there. In the US, one can also expect something new from AT&T and HBO, too. Add to that a lower Hulu subscription price and a billion-dollar Lord of the Rings project by Amazon and all that points to an uphill battle for Apple.

    The recent disappointing Q1 2019 earnings call for the Cuppertino company along with their iPhone pricing strategy rethink won't have helped either, so the pressure to deliver is mounting.

    Apple is planning to make the service available through its existing TV app, and at least some of their own content will be provided to Apple users for free.

    Content providers, production companies and creative artists must feel like this is a boom time to be producing material with so many TV services scrambling to sign up their content and maintaining quality may be difficult in the face overwhelming quantity.

    For the consumer all this choice comes at a price and, of course, that is the number of subscriptions you may need to invest in, in order to corral all of your favourite shows and films.

    Is the Apple service something you'd be interested in? Or are you waiting to see what Disney rolls out later in the year? At what point does all this choice just become fragmented and bewildering? Let us know in the discussion.

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