Apple AirPower wireless chargers launching in 2018

How much will they charge?

by hodg100 Sep 14, 2017 at 6:38 AM

  • We don’t whether you noticed but Apple just launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X.
    One of the many new – well, new to Apple devices - features announced for the new smartphones was wireless charging, although conspicuous by its absence at the event was any such charging device(s) bearing official Apple branding - and it’s not like Cupertino to miss out on any potential hardware profit to be made.

    The reason for that, quite simply, was that Apple hasn’t yet got a wireless charger ready for sale but never fear Apple devotees, the AirPower is on its way, sometime in 2018, and there will not just be one device, but two, to choose between

    The Airpower mat allows you charge to multiple devices wirelessly, without requiring them to be fixed in one spot. You can use up to three compatible gadgets, obviously including the iPhone 8/ 8+ and iPhone X, as well as the Apple Watch and even your AirPods. The latter will require an optional wireless charging case accessory which is also coming at a later date. The other Airpower charger looks to be smaller and support only one device.

    In the meantime, thanks to the fact that Apple is supporting the Qi wireless charging standard, you can opt for a non-Apple wireless charger.

    There is no indication on price yet.

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