Anthem Room Correcting software gets free update to ARC Genesis

Its free but check you have compatible hardware.

by Andy Bassett May 7, 2019 at 11:48 AM

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    Anthem Room Correcting software gets free update to ARC Genesis
    Until recently digital room correction software was something only used in high-end audio production facilities, however, packages have become more available for enthusiast use. One of the more established producers of these software packages, Anthem Electronics, has now released ARC Genesis, the third iteration of their Anthem Room Correction software.
    Available as a free download from the Anthem website, ARC Genesis is a digital signal processing package that works with compatible two-channel audio and home cinema setups to offer measurement and correction algorithms, customisable curves, a streamlined interface and compatibility for both Mac and Windows.

    No room is a perfect listening environment since there are just too many variables such as size, shape and room contents that will interfere with the soundwaves once they have left the speakers, often causing standing waves, resonances and reflections that all colour the sound. However, with the advancement of DSP and the increase in power of CPUs, companies have started creating software packages that can analyse a room, determine the effect it has on audio and apply corrections to the timing and frequency of the audio that is produced in an attempt to reproduce sound as authentically as possible.

    This is all usually done with a microphone placed roughly where the listener’s head will be and the generation of some test tones. When used with compatible receivers, processors, pre-amps and speakers, ARC Genesis can analyse the recorded signal and compare it to the originally generated audio. The software can then create high and low pass filter settings that are then used to program high-quality digital signal processing (DSP) technology embedded within compatible audio products. In this way, the favourable acoustic signature of speakers is retained and the negative room contributions removed.

    Among the latest features included in the update are:
    • Support for Multiple Platforms and Legacy Products: ARC Genesis adds Mac compatibility alongside existing Windows support and offers connections via USB, Wi-Fi/Ethernet, or Bluetooth (depending on the product). ARC Genesis software is backwards compatible with many legacy Anthem, MartinLogan, and Paradigm products released during the last decade - check the Anthem website for a full list.
    • Performance enhancements speed up the optimization algorithm and improve the quality of results. Further refinements enhance the software's ability to detect and automatically select crossover points, analyze room gain, and calculate target curves for each speaker within a system. When used with Anthem's STR Series products ARC Genesis aligns the phase of loudspeakers and subwoofers.
    • The new Demo Mode allows improvements to be simulated and explored without having to be physically connected to a hardware system.
    • Redesigned user interface for improved workflow with support for multiple languages.
    • ARC Genesis’s Professional Mode allows adjustable room gain and deep bass boost for customisable target curves and 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz full-range room correction is available for each set of speakers.
    • Remeasure feature allows any changes to the system to be added by opening a saved configuration file, meaning only the latest addition is analysed and the target curves are updated to only reflect that change.
    • Improved graph interactions with pan and zoom functions.
    • New automatic backup and restore features include the saved files being cross-compatible between Mac and PC platforms for easy exchange of data.

    In addition, improvements have been made to the Quick Measure tool, Curve Viewer and pdf Export function.

    Users who already own compatible Anthem hardware can also use Multiple Profiles whereby a system can be set up as both a multi-channel home theatre system and a two-channel music system and then switched between the two profiles, as required. Additionally, Multiple Measurements allow the different room configurations that might be used in these circumstances to be stored, for example, the acoustic change that takes place with curtains drawn and a projection screen lowered for home cinema use.

    The software can also be used to assign amp channels and set up bass management for supported hardware.

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