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An Eclipse is forever...not just for today!

Milking it

by Mark Hodgkinson Mar 20, 2015 at 10:36 AM

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    An Eclipse is forever...not just for today!
    Given the topicality we’re going to forgive out-there audio manufacturer’s, Eclipse, for their cashing in on the occasion.
    Besides, they do have a couple of new(ish) flagship products to talk about – one of which you’re going to be hearing a lot more on soon. Note: all cheesy eclipse references from here on in, are the manufacturer’s own and nothing to do with us.

    ECLIPSE’s range of high-performance TD (Time Domain) loudspeakers and subwoofers give music lovers the chance to enjoy The Whole of the Moon, Moon Shadows and even, Walking on the Moon, every day of the year – sorry, we warned you!

    ECLIPSE’s flagship loudspeaker, the TD712zMK2 (£6,500) combined with the recently launched flagship subwoofer, the TD725SWMK2 (£5,100), goes a step further, enabling audiophiles to experience a spine-tingling phenomenon even when there Ain’t No Sunshine – better, but not much.

    At the more affordable end of ECLIPSE’s full-range-driver line-up, its wireless desktop home audio solution, the TD-M1, enables Good Day Sunshine, Saturday Sun and Mr Blue Sky (!) if today’s Blackhole Sun has disappointed – we have no words here.

    ECLIPSE loudspeakers have been enlightening audiophiles….OK, that’s enough!

    Anyhow, look out for an ECLIPSE system review coming soon and at least one of the elements is truly amazing!

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