All Panasonic 2017 4K TVs to be HDR Capable

EX750, 700 and 600 all geared up for next-gen video

by hodg100 Feb 15, 2017 at 1:39 PM

  • Designed to complement Panasonic’s new line-up of 4K Pro Ultra HD OLED TVs, the latest generation of LED models feature improved processing, enhanced LED lighting and new panels. Panasonic now includes HDR throughout the entire 4K range – the EX750, EX700 and EX600 series’.
    With HDR-Multi support, all models are equipped to show HDR10 content and HDR quality broadcast content from launch thanks to Hybrid Log-Gamma support (expected later this year). All of Panasonic’s 2017 4K TVs will support 4K HDR streaming from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

    The spectrum of screen sizes ranges from 40-inch to 75-inch across the 4K models. These comprise the LED flagship EX750 in four screen sizes, the high-end EX700 in four sizes and the EX600, in two sizes. Full HD models (ES500 and ES400) also enjoy faster panels, more elegant design and smart connectivity.

    Input lag, for gamers, on all 4K LED TVs has been substantially reduced to improve performance when playing 4K HDR games, especially those with fast movement that require quick reaction times.

    The 2017 UK LED range is headed by the EX750 flagship model and is available in 75-inch, 65-inch, 58-inch and 50-inch versions. It is the only 2017 model from Panasonic to support 3D (active shutter) and features a new Cinema Display designed to show exactly what the filmmakers intended by combining wide cinematic colours, enhanced local dimming for inky blacks with subtle gradations, and what they say are outstanding levels of brightness.

    Bearing its 4K Pro HDR hallmark, the EX750 has a Super Bright panel with Supreme Contrast and is powered by the same Studio Colour HCX2 processor as Panasonic’s pro-grade OLED TVs. Benefits of the newly developed processor, which has been tuned by experts at the Panasonic Hollywood Lab, include the most accurate colours ever thanks to a colour-correcting system which includes the use of professional 3D Look Up Tables. As with the OLED models, every brightness step has a complete database of colours stored on the processor to ensure that the most accurate colours are always displayed.

    Thanks to the Studio Colour HCX2 processor, picture quality is boosted by Digitally Enhanced Local Dimming of the LED backlighting, which combines fine control of the physical backlight operation with additional processing to deliver better localisation of black levels. The EX750 also includes Panasonic’s all-new HDR Brightness Enhancer feature designed to optimise HDR picture quality in brightly lit rooms. The EX750’s panel with 2,400Hz processing is designed to eliminate distracting judder from fast moving scenes such as sports and action movies.

    The ‘Switch Design’ allows the 50-inch and 58-inch model’s screens to be fixed in any one of four vertical positions for a freestanding or cabinet mounted design solution, while a swivel option on the 50-inch, 58-inch and 65-inch models gives even more flexibility for achieving the perfect viewing angle. The ‘Switch Design’ incorporates a cable management solution which ensures all wires are neatly hidden from view in the stand’s central pole.

    Available in 65-inch, 58-inch, 50-inch and 40-inch screens, the step-down EX700 4K HDR series boasts 1,600Hz processing; local dimming married with a Bright Panel, Brilliant Contrast and new Advanced Colour Processing should mean that the EX700 can both process and display a pretty decent HDR picture from HDR10 and HLG sources.

    The EX600 features a High Contrast panel, Advanced Colour Processing, high brightness and adaptive backlight dimming. The EX600 series will be available in a 65-inch, 55-inch, 49-inch and 40-inch screen sizes and has 1,300Hz processing.

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