All New Winamp 5.8 Released Early

Good to be home?

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 20, 2018 at 3:27 PM

  • Back in 2014, Winamp, a PC OG, stopped being supported. The software was still available to download, but no updates would be provided. However, earlier this week Radionomy, the company behind Winamp, revealed that it would be re-launching the venerable media player for both desktop and mobile.
    The company initially stated that it would be released in 2019. However, because in 2018 nothing is secret, shortly after the news broke, a beta version of the update was leaked onto the internet.

    The company has taken the bold decision to release the software through their website in order to prevent Winamp fans downloading an illegitimate copy, that might contain malicious software. The developer is encouraging users to only download the software from the official site.

    Radionomy has also given Winamp's website a very modern overhaul. Part of this is the new tagline, at the very bottom of the homepage: "cast, play, sell". This, kinda, implies that the new Winamp will be more than just an app for streaming and playing content. We have no details but this might mean that Winamp is going to be making a storefront for music downloads or streaming.

    The website also states that "Our teams are currently working hard on Winamp with the intention to make it a player of today while preserving what makes it so special. In other words, a complete listening experience. Therefore, we can say it: no llamas will be hurt in the process but it’s going to whip some asses!" (From: Winamp)

    As more music listening is through streaming services like Spotify, it’s interesting to see the Winamp software becoming supported again. Radionomy obviously didn't think that Winamp was viable in 2014, when streaming had a much smaller percentage of the market. So what's changed in 2018?

    Maybe the company believes that, whilst streaming music has grown rapidly, so has the market for high quality music. More and more songs, both new and old, are being sold in MQA hi-res audio format. Maybe the company thinks that they can get in on this growing market?

    However, we will have to wait and see. Do you think that Winamp has a place in 2018? Or will it be a short lived comeback?

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