LG V40 Announced: Features a Quad DAC, 5 Cameras and DTS:X

$1000?! Is ‘DAC’ crazy for a 3.5mm jack?

by Aaron Macarthy Beards Oct 4, 2018 at 4:11 PM

  • The V40 features a 6.4in, ‘FullVision,’ Quad HD, OLED display which boasts a 3120 x 1440 resolution. Powering the device is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor and it rocks with 6GB RAM. There are two choices of storage, 64GB or 128GB.
    The big news for audiophiles is that the V40 has a 32-bit, Hi-Fi Quad DAC. This was featured on the LG ThinQ G7 (what a terrible name). The V40 also includes DTS:X 3D Surround Sound which, LG claims, delivers a more spacious and immersive sound to the listener.

    LG has also partnered with Meridian Audio to ‘tune’ the V40’s audio. Meridian is a high end, English based, audio company who has worked with LG on various soundbars and speakers. However, this is the first phone Meridian have ‘tuned’ for LG.

    While most high-end phones are ditching the old 3.5mm headphone jack, LG seem to be doubling down on it. There is one big problem though, no UK pricing. LG have made a habit of releasing high-end phones but then not selling them in Europe, or the UK.

    What else might the UK miss out on? Well, the V40 has five different camera lenses. The rear camera uses three; a 16MP super-wide angle, 12MP standard angle and 12MP telephoto. The front-facing camera features a 5MP wide-angle lens and an 8MP standard angle lens. LG also claims the pixel size of the main rear camera is 40% larger than last year's V30. The V40's design features a smooth, matte glass finish and comes in four different colours; Aurora Black, Platinum Gray, Moroccan Blue and Carmine Red.

    The question for an audiophile must be; does an average phone, with a great DAC, warrant spending $1000? Samsung’s Note 9 and Apple’s XS are both very compelling alternatives and LG have struggled to keep up with its South Korean and American rivals over the last few years. Nevertheless, if the V40 offers the best audio experience of any phone, does it matter if the phone isn't quite as good as the Note 9 or iPhone XS? There are plenty of portable music players that cost over $1000, that can't stream Tidal or Spotify over 4G. The V40, on the other hand, can. Does this mean it's a better solution than a dedicated high end audio player?

    What do you think? If this was available in the UK would you swap your current phone for it?

    The LG V40 ThinQ officially goes on sale on Thursday 18th October, 2018, in the US.

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