4K Apple TV 5 could release in 2017

J105 to have ‘more vivid colours’

by hodg100 Feb 18, 2017 at 6:19 AM

  • For many, the Apple TV 4 was a bit of a let-down not least because, despite the climate in the industry, it wasn’t 4K Ultra HD capable, so it was widely viewed as being outdated on release.
    But, if a Bloomberg report turns out to be accurate, Apple is working on a 4K Apple TV 5, codenamed J105, which is undergoing tests with a view to a 2017 release.

    The report states that the ATV 5 will be Ultra HD able with the ability to display ‘more vivid colours,’ according to sources familiar with the project. The rather vague term, 'more vivid colours', we presume, is in relation to the J105 being HDR capable with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and VUDU. We’d also hope Dolby Atmos enabled audio streams were made available.

    Insiders state, however, that Apple TV 5 won’t be the revolutionary product that many have been hoping for from the company. It would seem that Apple’s talks with the major content deliverers in the US, over its stated desire to revolutionise the way we consume TV have totally come to an end amid claims that Apple wanted too much of a financial slice of the pie.

    Apple did recently hire the chief of Amazon's Fire TV unit, Timothy D. Twerdhal, to oversee Apple Television operations so it might be they’re taking the product sector more seriously but it remains to be seen by how much.

    Source: Bloomberg

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