Streaming is the delivery of audio and video (called 'content') into your home and/or on to your mobile device through a local network and over the internet from a delivery service.

Streaming content has never been so popular and as internet speeds continue to get faster it is likely to be the biggest growth area of the audio visual industry.

New music streaming services seem to appear on a weekly basis with the most popular being Spotify. In terms of movie and TV show streaming both Netflix and Amazon are fighting it out for top dog status.

When it comes to equipment to stream content there are also different approaches. In the home it may be that you want to stream your own music library around the house and there are a few approaches to this. The most popular are modular systems like Sonos and Samsung wireless systems. You also have hard drive based music players. These stream the contents of the HDD around the home using your network.

For video streaming we have media players and streamers like the Apple TV and Roku boxes. These have services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Demand5 and Plex. Netflix started the world’s first 4K Ultra HD streaming service in early 2014.

Popular brands include Yamaha, Roku, Apple, Samsung, Now TV, Kindle TV, iTunes, Sonos, Netgear and Sony.

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