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    Steve Withers (Twitter, Google+) is a professional calibrator and freelance journalist who regularly contributes to AVForums, reviewing audio and video products, writing articles, appearing on our podcast and presenting numerous videos.

    Steve has been writing about audio and video products for nearly ten years and, along with AVForums, he also contributes to Tech Radar, Trusted Reviews, Pocket-lint, Home Cinema Choice, and Wired.

    Steve is a professional audio and video calibrator who is Level 2 certified with THX, the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and the Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA). As such he remains abreast of all AV technology developments and the latest industry standards as we transition into a new era in home video and audio.

The headphone market is buoyant with millions of pairs sold every year.

Over the ear headphones have never been so popular and an assortment of manufacturers are making headphone products to suit all budgets. From the popular ‘Beats’ by Dre to high quality audiophile sound from Oppo, Sennheiser and more, buying a set of 'cans' has never been more difficult due to the sheer choice out there.

You can even experience the thrills of surround sound with certain makes and models from companies like Sony.

The most popular brands come with an assortment of connectors such as a 1/4 inch jack or 1/8 inch jack and double prongs for aircraft use.

Some of the most popular headphones include noise cancelling technology from manufacturers like Bose, which make long haul flying more bearable by removing the engine drone and enhancing the audio quality of the movie or music experience.

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