• Leon Matthews

    Gaming Reviewer

    Leon Matthews (Google+) has been reviewing games and articles for AVForums since 2010. He has an unhealthy addiction to First Person Shooters, Sci-Fi and the Walking Dead. Weaknesses include a severe allergy to the Dual Shock 3 controller, every "Youtube personality" in existence and polystyrene. Often pigeon-holed as the "shooter guy" but enjoys many games ranging from Call of Duty to Titanfall.

    Leon got into games when his parents bought him a Master System II with only the built in game Alex Kidd in Miracle World to play. After realising it was a hobby he wouldn't get bored of (being glued to it), his parents allowed him to get other games like Michael Jackson: Moonwalker, Streets of Rage and every Sega child's staple, Sonic the Hedgehog. Then Doom came out and the rest; as they say; is history.

    When he's not reviewing you'll usually find him practising the same 5 songs on guitar badly, breaking up fights on the gaming forums or making people rage quit on Xbox Live.

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