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Feb 22, 2018 at 11:08 PM
Nov 26, 2002
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Dec 27, 1967 (Age: 50)

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zAndy1 was last seen:
Feb 22, 2018 at 11:08 PM
    1. Chamberlain
      Hey how come you returned the zd9 for the e6? I know youre very happy with it now but how does it compare with the e6 for hdr?
      1. Sharpy76
        Hi, I was going to ask Andy exactly the same thing lol! I've read through the zd9 thread and can't seem to find the reason why you returned the Sony? How do they compare for sdr and HDR, I've seen conflicting reports tbh. Thanks, Lee:)
        Apr 2, 2017
    2. ghow172
      Hi zAndy1
      I hope you could advise to help my sanity. I have just bought a Sony 65zd9 and I love it just fantastic picture.
      I can't stop looking at the lg 65e6v in the shops and thinking I should have gone with the newer tech.
      Today I asked John Lewis to swop it for me to which they were more than happy to do so.
      Am I doing the right thing really struggling.
    3. Richie0100
      Hi zandy1 .do u no if john lewis warranty is transferable as i have a 5yr with my js9000 as they have come back and said no .thanks
    4. UKflames
      Hi zAndy1

      I would love the TV but the wife is proving difficult to convince, she just see's a second hand TV and the cost, despite me explaining how good the TV really is.
      If you have someone else interested go ahead, or if you plan to sell it else where, but if you don't move it in the mean time I will keep trying.
      Thanks for your patience though.
    5. matthew88
      Hello zAndy1,

      i would be very happy if you can tell me if the F8000 has dirty screen effect or banding issues ? I watch soccer and I cant stand that banding stripes when the picture is paning. I had the Lg LM7600 last year model and it was terrible.

      Thank you

      Greetings from Slovenija
    6. lagia
      Hi zAndy1,

      I would like to ask for permission to post a survey for a business idea I have. As my idea is getting build around gamers I thought the gaming subforum would be an awesome place to ask for their help. It's about the following survey:

      Your way of buying gaming gear Survey

      With kind regards,
    7. millsey
      I do apologies Andy, i did not mean to offend, i have seen lots of swear words written without aster ix to hide the word on various posts on this site & i didnt realise it was in the rules.
      Apologies Millsey.
    8. sylar durden
      sylar durden
      hi Andy,
      sorry for disturbing. I've read that you had problem with your kindle. I've bought a kindle a few days ago but same thing happened to my kindle too. on the left top corner, it doesn't show anything. I've bought it from currys . I want to ask you a question, should I contact Amazon itself or currys first? when I bought my kindle , currys told me that guarantee doesn't cover damages. so I am not sure if they are gonna change or not
    9. Pumauk
      Hi Andy,

      I'm trying to decide between the LG and the Samsung... don't suppose you have any good pics of the LG (styling wise) and what your impressions have been of both? Is the samsung as good a picture? Why did you return the LG?


    10. Sars123
      Hi Andy,
      I hope I am not breaking any rules. I have responded to your classified ad. I was wondering if you could be so kind as to let me know if my offer is satisfactory or not.

      Kind regards


      edit - by letting me know I mean in your classified ad thread
    11. zAndy1
      No mate , why do you ask?
    12. davidmbell
      Out of interest are you Z4andy from z4-forums.com?
    13. iybyisyl
    14. iybyisyl
      Hi Andy, I have followed your tale re TV purchase, you seem to have settled on the S10, can I ask, comparative to others you have owned, the X10 the sammy 530 how does it compare? I am finally on the cups of buying the S10 from M&S at 46"? Cheers mate.
    15. Jason007
      Hey man, I am trying to find information out on this new points for shopping at amazon. I just got a few MS points for free... but I am unsure if its a gimmick or not. I cannot get a straight answer on the forum thread - so I thought I would message people that have posted in it before. The place I started with is at Free Microsoft Points & Electronics sorry to bother and thanks for any info in advance!
    16. martylaa
      Hi do you still have the freesat box for sale?
    17. julesuk
      some advice mate. i have seen you post re homeplugs. I have bought some and connected as you suggest. I cant for love or money get them connected to my pc. i can ping the tvix 7000 but can open it up on the netowork can you give me some advise, it might be a setting in the tvix, the manual is not clear. any help would be appreciated

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    Dec 27, 1967 (Age: 50)


    Grandview 6ft electric screen, Projectorless again :facepalm:, LG OLED65E6V 4k HDR OLED TV :clap:, Denon AVR-X2200W Dolby Atmos / DTS:X Receiver :smashin: , Jamo A102HCS6 5.1 Speakers, Sky Q :thumbsup: , Nvidia Shield TV :thumbsup:, PS4 and PS VR :D, Xbox One S:smashin:, Nvidia Shield
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