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Phil Hinton
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Jan 24, 2017 at 1:12 PM
Jan 18, 2001
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Editor - AV Forums

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Phil Hinton

Editor, Male, from AVForums

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Browsing Editorial Content, Jan 24, 2017 at 1:12 PM
    1. benmbe
      Hi Phil,
      Just a message to say thank you to yourself, Chris and the Camera crew for giving all of the forum members the footage from the C.E.S show I have been impressed with the speed in which you have given us the video footage of the show and also hope that you and the team have enjoyed the trip over to this great event.

      In other words Phil' most of the members can relate to yourself which is polite down to earth, and you also being a customer yourself.
      The way in which you ask questions of others Manufacturers / people that are showcasing new products is very helpful, and I for one' appreciate this very much ''NO KIDDING FRIEND'' I really do.
      With myself doing my homework and research into possible purchase decisions and combined with yourselves and all of your comments, have helped me in choosing.

      Phil!.....keep up the good work and please give my Sincerest regards to the rest of the team for all of their work and professionalism.

      Mark Broom-Edwards (benmbe)
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  • About

    Editor - AV Forums
    I have managed the editorial content on AVForums since 2002. With the assistance of AVForums founder Stuart Wright, I established and built the editorial section starting with DVD reviews and news. Over the last 12 years it has grown substantially to include new subject areas such as home cinema, tech and gaming along with regular podcasts and videos.

    As Editor-in-chief, I am responsible for all news stories, articles, reviews, podcasts and videos produced by the site in all the subject areas.

    The editorial content produced by AVForums covers all aspects of home entertainment including home cinema, technology, games and movies. In order to help with the accuracy and objectivity of AVForums reviews, I am also a fully qualified video calibrator.

    After leaving school I studied radio/TV production & journalism at college, before leaving home at 17 and working in a number of jobs. I have had a keen interest in home cinema from the early days of Pro-logic & laserdisc. In 1998 I joined the Police in a career that lasted 10 years. It was during that period that I started building the editorial in his spare time and finally joined AVForums full time as Editor-in-chief in 2008.My passions include home cinema, movies, cars, music, photography & film making.

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    AVForums Editor
    ISF and THX Certified AV Calibrator
    Follow me on Twitter! - My personal opinions are not those of AVForums or any other related website.
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