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Peter Parker
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Feb 21, 2018 at 4:55 PM
Apr 6, 2001
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Peter Parker

Distinguished Member, Male, from UK.

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Viewing thread The "Shinema" Build Thread, Feb 21, 2018 at 4:55 PM
    1. Roku2
      Gary, clean you PM inbox:)
      1. Peter Parker
        Sep 8, 2016
    2. nazjones
    3. jason1
      Hi Gary
      Thanks for the message and glad to see you have optoma as well . I will have to get a long dvi to VGA cable as I'm hoping to mount the projector onto ceiling . Do you know if any universal mounts will fit this or do I need a optoma one ? Jason
      1. Peter Parker
        Peter Parker
        I would think some universal ones will fit, but check to see if it covers the H78 to be sure (they sometimes have a list of compatible pjs). I used a custom mount made from MDF because I had an anamorphic lens attached to mine, and if you made an MDF plate up, then I would think most mounts would then fit. You just have to make sure it's attached to the center f gravity f the pj so it doesn't try to tilt.
        Oct 14, 2014
    4. cinemagary
      Daft question with my prism lens i'm getting colour fringing on the left side of the picture now I have finally put up the lens with the projector other than that the picture is excellent. I will get some pictures sent over to you soon I promise :)

      I'm guessing I will need to move the lens over slightly in order that the light is passing through the centre of the lens :)
    5. cinemagary
      Hello Gary, sorry I haven't been able to send any pictures of my set up to you yet. Been having problems with my p c I have a new projector the HD83.

      The back wall and screen wall are exactly the width and height, the HD83 has the lens in the centre, the projector should be centered on the back wall so a wall that is 108 inches wide the centre would be 54 inches.

      The calibrator measured on the screen from the left inside edge of the screen frame 45inches, I set about putting the mount up,once the projector was up it was off center by about 8 inches or so as I had to use the horizontal lens shift to center the image up on the screen.

      The calibrator started explained it had to be like that, I wasn't convinced, I didn't question it as when you get a professional in to help you would expect that they know what they are doing.

      I am right in thinking that the projector should be centered on the back wall, so I do not need to use the lens shift ?

      Best Wishes

      Gary :)
    6. cinemagary
      Hello Gary i'm sorry to trouble you i'm looking to replace my HD80 projector with an HD83 an wanted to know if it will work with my anamorphic lens for 3D specifically, I thought i'd get this projector in case I do want to do 3D at some point.
      I know using an anmorphic lens in the UK is not the norm, but I have read it can be used with an anamorphic lens for 2D.
      The lens in an Prismasonic HD5000 it is currently being used with the Themscene HD80 any advice help would be appreciated :)

      p.s. I have posted on the UK and US forums but I have as yet not had a response :)

      Gary :) if you send me your e-mail i will send some pictures of my set up, as it was you that inspired me to go CIH
    7. KelvinS1965
      Gary, your PM inbox is full. Hope you can make PJ, but if not we'll have to sort something else out another time.
    8. pompeymat
      Hi Gary, ive just joined up here and noticed that you have a site about doing a cheap loft conversion but I cant find it! Any chance you can send me the link?
    9. Peter Parker
      Peter Parker
      Hi Rigman. Sorry for the late reply but I've been away for a few days.

      It should work - the throw should be around 2:1 or greater for best results. You'll be projecting an 88 inch wide 16:9 image from around 17.5ft so the throw should be almost 2.4, which should allow plenty of room through the A lens even with the slightly recessed lens. Ideally you'll need the pj nearer the middle of the screen for best results so you don't have to tilt the ISCO which will move it further away. Some experimentation for best results will probably be needed.

      Did you get the lens yet?

    10. rigman
      Hi Gary,

      sorry to bother you but I have the chance of buying an isco 2 A lens.
      I seem to remember you having one. I am not sure if it will work with my PJ though.
      My pj is a JVC HD750. I will be using it at a throw of around 17.5 to 18 foot from a 117" x 50" 2.35 ratio screen. I have looked on pj central and it looks like I would have to use 1.13 zoom on the pj although its a bit confusing.
      Can you tell me if that sounds like it will work? If not then dont worry but thanks very much for your time
      best regards
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