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Feb 18, 2018 at 1:08 AM
Apr 5, 2006
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mossym was last seen:
Feb 18, 2018 at 1:08 AM
    1. caveman38
      Moss, can you help me please. Do did answer a post of mine a short time ago but I still don't know the answer.
      On your Denon 3808, can you connect direct to internet and stream Spotify. Or do you (if you wanted it) still have to stream via a PC. I am toying with an AVR with ethernet or ordinary AVR and Airport Express.
    2. Hillskill
      What a screamer !! I'll be on later if your about, I might try a few Be A Pro matches too.
    3. Hillskill
    4. mossym
      i think it was desert...i only drink manly drinks..:)
    5. dunks517
      That looks like a pina colada you've just scuppered!
    6. mossym
      link removed
    7. WillieCocker
      Great home setup you have mossym.I feel like an ant with my 52" LCD
    8. kobari

      I have seen a few messages from you regarding taking your electronics to Europe and running them with a transformer from Bombay Electronics.

      I will be taking the same route and was planning to order a transformer from them, but just wanted to check with you before. I heard that some transformers make an irritating humming noise and that it bothers you while watching tv. Did you see this?

      If you can share your experience, I would be grateful.

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    My Home Cinema Room
    110" Carada Screen, JVC X7900, Marantz AV7703 Processor,Bryston 9BST, Rotel RMB1075 Power Amps, B&W 803s Mains, HTM4S Center 603 surrounds,R50 Atmos HSU STF3 Sub, MR Oppo 93, Antimode 8033.
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