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Feb 17, 2018 at 7:22 PM
Jan 3, 2006
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. Oct 17, 2017

KelvinS1965 was last seen:
Viewing thread The Learning ... Equipment thread!, Feb 17, 2018 at 7:22 PM
    1. KelvinS1965
    2. KelvinS1965
      No DIY right now, the 15s sounded superb last night, don't have much chance to use them lately due to band commitments, but great when I do.
    3. mojogoes
      Hi kelvin how's the home / garden remodelling going and how are those 15s holding up / sounding now they've have had plenty of run in time.
    4. KelvinS1965
      I don't know about any all in one units myself I'm afraid. If you can afford the amps in your list, then these are a much better prospect. Though quite a wide range in prices. Of course you also need to think about speakers too since your existing HTIB ones probably won't work very well with these amps (and you will need an active subwoofer so if your existing one is passive then it definitely can't be 'recycled').
    5. Ncruze
      i saw the light and decided to dump my HTIB for a custom theater set-up advised by many audiophile disciples.

      Ok so my first question is, Is there a receiver with built in blu ray player and blue tooth technology that you'd would recommend?

      I'd prefer Denon, yamaha, Onkyo, pioneer, polk, etc. i was currently looking at these even though they dont have built in blu ray players:
      Test Report: Pioneer VSX-60 A/V Receiver | Sound and Vision Magazine
      Amazon.com: Onkyo TX-NR929 9.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver: Electronics
      Amazon.com: Sony STRDN1030 Wi-Fi Network A/V Receiver: Electronics
      Onkyo 7.2 Receiver w/ Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
    6. Lord Essex
      Lord Essex
      Hi Kelvin,
      I was reading a thread about the pro's and con's of dts re-encode vs analogue 7.1, when it comes to blu ray hd audio and arcam av8/9 processor's. I have an arcam av8 and noticed that you are using an av9 and I was hoping that you could tell me what you have found to be the best compromise. Plus if you have any feedback on the best player to match the av8/9.
      Thanks very much for your time.
      Lord Essex (mark)
    7. Wull
      Cheers for the reply Kelvin. I have emailed Aliastair Collie to see if they have any SVS at discounted prices, but even then they are pretty expensive so will have to give this some thought. I had looked into building one myself too, so this is something else to consider, but I haven't rulled out a Monolith yet? Thanks again for your time. Cheers for now. Will
    8. KelvinS1965
      Hi Magicj1,
      I already have the Monolith but would have liked a little more headroom with a bigger sub such as the SVS. The Monolith is very good value for money and certainly gets the room shaking though and I can live with it for a long time yet if need be. My room is 6.5m x 4m, but my seat suffers a 40Hz dip which weakens the bass a bit, so that isn't the fault of the Monolith, just it's position (which can't be changed). I may add a second sub (still got the smaller XLS200 which I bought first and now use in the conservatory) to see if this helps, but I need to get an expensive wireless sub connection to try this out, I thought a bigger main sub like the SVS might also help, hence the wanted ad.

      However, I don't think I'm likely to find an SVS downfiring sub (I don't like the new versions as they are front firing and don't look as subtle as a DF) so I may eventually build a DIY sub, but this will be some time off.
    9. Wull
      Hi Kelvin.
      I am writing this again as I lost the first message I was sending you so please forgive me if it seems a bit rushed.
      I am on the hunt for a new sub woofer as my Velodyne 1215X has finally bit the dust. I noticed in your signature you have a Monolith, is this the BK monolith sub woofer? After a weekend of Reading up I have narrowed probably the two most obvious, the SVS 13B-ultra 'super expensive' or the monolith 'reasonably priced and very offered able sub woofer' Having noticed whilst reading the projector threads you where looking for an SVS at some point, did you end up going down the Monolith rout in the end. I do still have a Rel storm mark 1 in my system which is fantastic which music, but I feel lacks punch for films. So I was after you thought on the monolith, are you happy with this sub woofer, or does it leave you wanting more.
      Hope you find time to replay. Got to shoot, I'm off to work now
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