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Sep 24, 2014
Feb 18, 2008
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Aug 4, 1977 (Age: 40)

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Well-known Member, 40, from Wokingham

Daveybryce was last seen:
Sep 24, 2014
    1. MrBenj
      Hey Davey,

      Firstly many thanks for the guides you have posted - I'm trying to make my way through them. I could do with a steer from you before I start playing and tweaking.

      I'v decided to make the switch from a harware media player (Popcorn hour A100) to a mini HTPC - Asus EeeBox 1051p with an ION 525 running Win & 64bit. This outputs to an Onkyo 605.

      If I follow your FFDSHOW Win 7 guide, will this give me pretty much what I need to run all of my MKV files and other media from within Win 7 MC?

      At the moment I just have CoreAVC installed and I guess that my PC is doing all of teh audio decoding as opposed to passing to my Onkyo to do the work I bought it for.

      I would be grateful for your heads up before I start messing.

      Many, many thanks in advance.

    2. ph2003
      Hi Davey,
      Reading through some of your post its obvious that you have an extensive knowledge regarding the setup of WMC-PCs.
      I am planning on setting up a media centre on an older spec PC running onboard GFX and WinXP (DUOCore CPU@2.66GHz and 2GB Ram). Im not fussed about receiving HDTV, but I would like to receive Freeview (2 x DVB-T - watch and record different channels at the same time). There are that many Tuner cards out that I don’t know what to go for. Im looking for something that is stable and reliable. Something that you install and it just works! Can you recommend a tuner card that would do the job with 2 x DVB-T tuners?
      I have seen that there are a few Media Centre style software apps available (eg Media Portal and GB PVR) that do a similar job to WMC. I was hoping you may be able to help me with selection of software for EPG etc. Also any other software that you may think useful would be great!
      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards
    3. darrenthrower
      Hi there!

      Just wondered if you could help me with something from your guide to MediaBrowser.

      In the screen shots towards the bottom of page one - there is only one row of DVD cases - with the selected one being larger.

      I have 2 rows and can't work out how to change it to one!?

      Any ideas?

      Many thanks for something which is bound to be very simple!! :(
    4. gvers
      Happy new year Davey. It's looking like 2010 could be a good one on the HTPC front. Thanks for your continuing contributions.
    5. bellevegasj
      I'm in the middle of reading your media center how to post. I haven't started yet, but I had a general question. I'm wanting to rip my dvd/blu rays/music to my computer and stream them. Is media center the best tool for this? What formats do you suggest I rip my media to?

      Thanks for your time,
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    Aug 4, 1977 (Age: 40)
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