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Feb 24, 2018 at 10:37 AM
Mar 23, 2004
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Well-known Member, from Detached from reality

AngelEyes was last seen:
Feb 24, 2018 at 10:37 AM
    1. munz
      First off thanks for the vote of confidence . . . . . . its much appreciated.
      Not too sure how this works where you are located
    2. AngelEyes
      Cheers Rob.
    3. Rob Sinden
      Rob Sinden
      They are free if you collect them.
    4. AngelEyes
      Hi Konstantin,

      The Sneaky was used in a music room I no longer use, so I don't have the ability to demo it here unfortunately. It wouldn't tell you a great deal how it would sound with your speakers anyway :)

      Please can you keep any further correspondence on the Classifieds thread.


      Adam :)
    5. kevinsh
      Hello Adam,

      is it possible to hear Linn Sneaky, before buy it ?

    6. kamenoff
      Hello Adam,

      as you adviced recently on the forum, I contacted Logitec with request to download the Rhapsody Mach 4 hexa codes so I can download them to my Harmony 1. The response was that the hex codes I sent them were useless and they needed hex/ pronto codes? Are they different? If you have access to them, could you send them to me.
      Thank you.

    7. AngelEyes
    8. dziemian
      Hello AngelEyes's,

      I have recently acquired a second-hand Cinepro 3k6III model. Unfortunately it came without any manual. Searching web I have found your post here regarding the manual for that version. Would you be so kind and help me this time by sending a scan as well. I would be more then grateful as it is extremely difficult to find any info on cinepro amps here in Poland. My email adress is tdziemianczuk@gmail.com. With regards, Tomek
    9. AngelEyes
      Cheers fidgety, I am presently comparing a Touch to Duet as a digital transport, which should be interesting.
    10. fidgety
      You've probably seen it, but thought I pointed the thread out. Seems like transporter is deprecated by touch pretty much, unless there are specifics you're after: Transporter versus Touch - Squeezebox : Community : Forums
    11. AngelEyes
      Cheers mate, yes it is a pain they archive older threads like that :(
    12. Bizness
      Just been looking at your setup in the Gallery section. Didn't want to bump it (due to the warning message! :)) but thought it worth passing on my regards. "Impressive" is not nearly strong enough a description, but right now it's all I've got. Well done.
    13. AngelEyes
      Parasound Halo C3 and HDP70, neither have 2 hdmi out though.
    14. foozoo
      Thanks for the reply, i agree that using the 875 as a pre amp is wasteful, but it does give me more chance of recovering the cost when a pre amp comes along that suits my needs, i.e Musical, at least 4 hdmi ins and 2 outs, and a resonable price, less than £1k would be nice, too many pre amps at the moment dont cover all these bases. Which is a shame because i am sure it can be done, i did fancy buying an audiolab ap8000 but lack of connections has put me off, the search/wait continues!!
      Which parasound?

      thanks again

    15. AngelEyes
      Hi foozoo,

      Hard to advise really as we all have very specific requirements. The 875 does a very good job as a Pre, I just find the idea of a Receiver as a Preamp is a bit wasteful. Having started to spend more time listening to music I like the idea of a dedicated preamp but I haven't done any comparisons with the 875 to determine if a Pre would actually be that much better.

      I will probably wait for the Parasound...

    16. foozoo
      I am hoping you could give me a little guidence, after reading lots of posts i have come to the conclusion we may be in similar positions, regarding pre amps, i am trying to work out my best option at the moment, i currently use a CA540R as a pre amp and a Parasound 1205a for power, i want to change my pre amp, but what too? most of the current processors are either out of reach or do not do everything i need, at the moment theres a lexicon DC1 v3 on E**y for a resonable price but add this to a decent Hdmi switcher and that takes me to the range of a second hand Onkyo 875, it seems to me you are finding it difficult to move away from the 875, does it really work well as a processor?

      Thanks foozoo.
    17. namuk
      :smashin: thanks for posting on that thread :thumbsup:
    18. namuk
      i can see light on the back of the head . give me sunglasses:cool: only jokeing
    19. AngelEyes
      Ibiza Sunset in the background... that makes it quite recent... erm 10 years old? :grin:
    20. namuk
    21. Arendal - Russell
      Arendal - Russell
      I didn't know he had that much hair. How old is that picture?:confused:
    22. namuk
      looks photoshoped to me:grin:
    23. AngelEyes
      Just some random image I nicked from a modeling agency website :P
    24. Smurfin
      Who's that ugly bloke? :grin:
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