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Andrew K
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Feb 23, 2018 at 7:45 AM
Oct 14, 2004
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Andrew K

Well-known Member

Hi James, can you re-email me and I will follow it up Jul 1, 2015

Andrew K was last seen:
Feb 23, 2018 at 7:45 AM
    1. crimsoneagle
      Hi Andrew still awaiting a refund for the Kef Q200C speaker please I have spoken to Tom several times and no refund?
      This is getting a little silly now can I please get this resolved. I originally ordered in early November...
    2. crimsoneagle
      Hi Andrew I still am awaiting delivery of the Kef Q200C any news please?
    3. crimsoneagle
      Hi I have emailed your website and tried to contact your in here. Have you managed to check it. Please.
    4. Andrew K
      Andrew K
      Hi James, can you re-email me and I will follow it up
    5. 1ellis2345
      I was wondering if you'd had chance to read my email about my Anthem MRX710? I've also messaged you on here too.

    6. pumatwin

      I am trying to order 2 "Kef HTS2001.2 Floor Stands" from your website. However, it is been rejected. i checked with my bank and everything is OK. I have sent you an e-mail and left an voice mail.

      Just to confirm I only require 2, as I have tried to order 3 times.

      Also can you confirm, if you can deliver for Monday 15th April? Otherwise, can you cancel the order.


    7. ranger666
      Hello Quantum
      In reply to your post that you Also have the Yamaha 3010 on at the £1200 mark could you advise how long this price will stay for ?. I know with Yamaha they discount their products quite fast after release so is this the new bench mark price ?

    8. Andrew K
      Andrew K
      sorry missed these - 809 only supports music files - no video
    9. timpridmore
      Hi, can you confirm what features of DLNA the Onkyo 809 supports, someone has said it only supports Music files and not pictures of video, is this correct?


    10. karlsiwoku
      Hi, I am a total newbie to the world of AV. I was looking at getting a samsung d6900, ps3 slim and Onkyo HT-S5405B when I move house. A user said they were having issue with the picture dropping out when watching via this set up on 1080p. you advised it was likely a handshake issue with the samsung tv and to tet using 1080i. Does this mean this set up is no good for watching 1080p? Can you recommend a similar priced av receiver and speaker set that doesn't have this issue? Many thanks Karl
    11. rsim8123

      Can you recommend a system like the Sony BDV-E370 but in white?

    12. butlerpeter

      sorry to PM unannounced. I am looking to buy a Yamaha RX-V1067 receiver and I wondered if you had any discounts available to forum members or anything like that?

      Also would it be possible to get a saturday delivery?

      Many thanks

    13. Meagol
      Hello, in one of your posts, you are talking about mixing the Monitor Audio Silver/Gold Range with a Monitor audio Radius HD Centre. Can you really advice on mixing these lines ? I have heard that this should not been done. Have you had any experiences with doing that ?
      I must admit I really like your Configurator on the webpage. It is something I was missing ;-)
    14. Andrew K
      Andrew K
      5.1 AV Amplifier with zone 2 capability. Then add a centre speaker such as the 1000Ci. Alternatively forego the Zone 2 capability and utilise your old Denon in the second zone.
    15. snorbans
      I have a pair of 1010s connected to an old Denon setup with two even older speakers in another room connected in series - no A/B facility. Having just bought a Panasonic 32LZD85 and a Humax Foxsat PVR I'd like to upgrade the audio to something like a 3.1 sytem (we don't have room for more boxes) and use it as a stereo system too (along with the A/B speakers). What do you suggest adding to the two 1010s by way of speakers and an amplifier? And how does stereo sound get split amongst the 3.1 boxes? Many thanks for you help!
    16. serdar13

      Whats the best price you can sell the Onkyo 606 receiver?
    17. Fordy

      Whats the best price for the Onkyo 606 receiver at the moment?

      and could it be had before christmas.


    18. steveh2001
      Hi there

      I have been advised to contact yourself in regards to purchasing an Onkyo 606 - What is the best price you could offer at the moment?

      Kind Regards
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