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Subwoofers are designed to bring alive the best thing about cinema sound, the deep bass!
A subwoofer is in the simplest terms a box with a loudspeaker woofer attached that plays back the low range frequencies only. Subwoofers can be powered by a built-in amplifier (called active subwoofers) or by an amplifier that is outside the box (called passive subwoofers).
There are generally two suitable designs used :
  • ported with a tube cut into the box that is usually tuned to a certain frequency and lets air escape
  • sealed where the box has no port
The idea of the sub is that it complements the main speakers used in your system by reinforcing the lower frequencies of a movie soundtrack, usually in the 14hz to 200Hz range. The human ear can hear down to around 24Hz, anything below this is usually air being moved that can be felt. This is what gives action films the adrenalin rush, but subwoofers can also be musical and underpin some of the finest hi-fi.
Subs range in size and design to suit most living room or dedicated room environments. They come in many sizes from small units accompanying soundbars to massive 18inch plus enclosures.
In recent years you can buy subwoofers that can be hidden in your walls and some enthusiasts have built entire rooms that act as a subwoofer.
The use of one or more subwoofers is generally considered the best approach for a home cinema audio system.
Popular subwoofer manufacturers include Velodyne, SVS, BK, B&W and REL.
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