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AV Receiver Reviews

The Audio Visual Receiver (AVR) is the heart of a home cinema system. With multiple channels of built-in amplification and the ability to decode several sound formats, with future cinema formats like Dolby Atmos and 13.1 Auro-3D likely to join today's Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio 7.1 decoding, there is nothing stopping you from having a stunning sounding home cinema with a modern AVR at its centre.
Modern AV Receivers also act as video switchers allowing you to select which device you wish to use, whether it's Digital TV, Blu-ray or a game console.

The AVR will perform many functions aside from decoding multi-channel audio. It will upscale DVDs, which are standard definition, to high definition for HD TVs. Certain AVRs can even upscale DVD and Blu-ray to Ultra HD 4K resolution if you have a suitable 4K TV. Music streaming from the likes of Spotify as well as ISF picture tweaking controls add to a huge list of added features on most of today’s AVRs.

Room EQ and auto set-up routines make setting up the modern AV Receiver a piece of cake for anyone, and auto EQ, found on many models, further improves the audio quality.

Popular manufacturers include Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon, Marantz, Pioneer and Anthem.