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What is my title and membership status?

A user's title is displayed under their user name in messages, and profile information.
You can read more about user titles and what user title you have here.

What is my Profile Page?

What is the Profile page?
Every member has a publicly viewable profile page. This page includes information provided by the member, either during the registration process or later on via the account pages.

Whenever you see a member's name, clicking on it will usually show a pop-up panel showing their details in brief. From here you can view their public profile.

When logged in, you can also view your own public via the menu activated when clicking on your username shown in the header at the top of the page.

What's on the Profile page?
The public profile lists information about the member under various tabs such as recent activity and posts. In addition there may be information about the bookmarks which the member has publicly shared, the competitions they have entered, the showcases they have created and their trading statistics.

Your Privacy
When logged in to AVForums, you can navigate to /account/privacy to set your privacy options as shown below

What are Profile Posts?
Profile posts are messages posted on a member's profile. They are a method of sending a public message to a particular member and are viewable by everyone who has access to the forum. Members have control over which messages appear on their profiles and can use the Report link to alert moderators to any inappropriate messages posted there.

What are my Personal Details?

Your Personal Details pages show how you have used the forum over time - your alerts, ratings, watched threads, bookmarks and so on. It also presents you with several settings pages where you can update your contact details and forum preferences.

What are signatures?

Signatures' contain information that you want to include at the bottom of all your posts. This might include information about yourself and your kit, a link to your personal website (to show people more about yourself and your kit), a favourite quote or any personal message.
You can set your signature in your Personal Details page
Our rules apply to signatures in the same way that they apply to posts.

How do I add a signature?

To edit your signature, log in and click your name to drop down your user menu.
Then click the Signature menu link. If there is no link, it's because you do not have permission to have a signature.
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Novice (new) Members do not have permission to add signatures because spammers have used them in the past to post spam messages.
Advancing to Standard Member is not difficult. Click here to see your usergroup status and the permissions you have, plus information on how to advance your membership.

What is my avatar?

Your avatar is the image which accompanies your profile and messages. You can set up your avatar on this page of your account.

Once you have set one up, readers of AVForums will start to recognise you and your messages by your avatar.
For this reason, we encourage you to use a high quality avatar which you are happy to 'represent' you. You may use either a JPG or PNG. We do not allow animated GIFs as we feel they can be distracting when trying to read the forums.

We support the Gravatar service which is convenient for managing a single avatar across many of your social websites.

When we migrated from previous forum software in October 2013, members' smaller avatars were transferred. Since we now support larger avatars, the older, smaller ones usually look somewhat pixelated or blurred.

See this example of an older avatar.


So we encourage you to upload a larger avatar, at least 200 pixels square.
This is an example of a new, higher quality avatar.

How do I change my login name?

There is a link in your user preferences page to request user name change.
If you get a You do not have permission error when trying to change your login name, it is because you have either already changed it the maximum of 5 times, or you are blocking adverts. Please see here about advert blocking on AVForums.
Once requested, a moderator will approve or deny your user name change request. Name change requests are usually approved, and only denied if they break our rules in some way.
After your name has changed, your old one is displayed under your new one for a few days. This is so the community can see that you changed your name and still recognise who you are.
You can jump directly to the user name change page by clicking here.
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