Message : Not eligible to enter this competition

If you are seeing the above message on a competition page, it means you may not enter the competition for one of the following reasons:
  1. The competition has already ended.
  2. The competition is open to members who are in specific usergroups, and you are not in one of those groups. See here for membership information.
  3. You are too young or you have no date of birth in your profile. Some competitions have an age restriction and are open only to members who are above that age. Also if your profile does not have your date of birth completed, then you will be considered ineligible. Contact a moderator if your date of birth is missing from your profile.
  4. You are in an ineligible territory. Some competition sponsors are responsible for certain territories only and so make their prizes available only to members in that territory. The territory is determined by your IP address and if you are using a proxy IP with no country associated with it then you will also be considered ineligible.
  5. Competition entry requires you to be a newsletter subscriber and you're not.
  6. You are blocking adverts. While we acknowledge your right to block ads, we reward people who support AVForums by viewing ads with access to our competitions. If you wish to enter our competitions, please disable ad blocking on AVForums. Once disabled, you will need to log out and back in again and refresh the page a few times before the ad blocking restriction is lifted. You can check whether our system has detected ad blocking by visiting the membership information page. You can read more about our ad blocking policy here.
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