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How do I place a classified advert?

First please read our trading rules which have very helpful information on how to use our classifieds.

The once you are happy to place your advert, navigate to the most appropriate classified advert forum (click here for the classified forum list) and then click the Post New Advert button to post a new advert. If you can't see that button, then you don't have the privileges to post an advert. To find out why not, see the answer below to Why can't I post in the classifieds forum?.
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Are AVForums Classifieds safe?

We try and make AVForums classifieds as safe to use as possible, but we can't guarantee that everyone using our classifieds is honest. Because our classifieds focus on high value technology items, we tend to attract scammers, and for this reason we strongly advise you to follow these tips for trading:

Item Description
  • Request clear photographs of the item
  • Reject stock Internet or low-resolution photos
  • Check if the listing is copy and pasted from another site
  • Is there proof of purchase?
  • Is the price too good to be true?
  • Report suspicious threads to the moderators
  • If you are contacted via private conversation about any prospective deal, report the member to the moderators
  • Is the seller being pushy or making arbitrary price cuts to secure a deal?
  • Is the seller avoiding questions about the item?
  • Look out for last-minute changes in payment or delivery methods that are not properly explained

Completing a deal
  • Obtain and verify the seller's details prior to payment
  • Is the seller located where they say they are (phone their landline)?
  • Ask for a photograph of the seller holding the item (e.g. in a mirror)
  • Video chat with a seller so you know who you are dealing with

  • Check the trading feedback of the purchaser
  • Search their previous classified threads for conduct issues
  • Report suspicious behaviour to the moderators
Before trading on AVForums, we ask that you familiarise yourself with our trading rules here.

How do I archive my ads?


How do I leave trading feedback?

Navigate to the profile of the person you want to leave feedback for, click the Trading Stats tab and press the Add Feedback link at the bottom.
When positive feedback is left by a member for a particular thread, the recipient is notified. That feedback does not add to the recipient's trading total until they return feedback for the same thread.
Then, both traders' totals are updated at the same time.
This feature encourages both parties involved in a trade to leave feedback for one another.

Why can't I leave trading feedback?

Assuming you have logged in to AVForums, there are three of reasons why you can't leave trading feedback:
  • you haven't posted in an appropriate thread in one of the classified forums. All trading feedback must relate to a classified advert thread.
  • you weren't either the classified thread starter or one of the posters in the classified thread. If you and your trading partner traded in someone else's thread, then you should have started your own thread as per the trading rules Trading Rules
  • either you or your trading partner have been flagged as blocking ads. More information in the FAQ here.

Why can't I post in the classifieds forum?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to post a new advert or reply to an existing advert:
  1. The advert you are trying to reply to is archived. Is it in an archived ads forum? If so, the ad is closed to replies.
  2. You aren't old enough. Only adults may use our classifieds because minors can not enter into a legally binding contract. If you don’t have a date of birth set in your account, please ask a moderator to add it for you.
  3. You already have a thread in the classifieds forum you are trying to create a new advert in. We allow one thread per member per classified forum. You will need to use the search tool to find your thread and then use the Thread Tools -> Archive option to archive your thread. Instructions on how to find your threads is here: Searching | AVForums. Help on how to archive your adverts is here: How do I archive my ads? | AVForums.
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