X-AIR Spacers Competition

Win one pack of X-AIR spacers (ten to win)

We have got together with X-AIR Technology to bring to you X-AIR Spacers, and just in time for Christmas. We are giving away ten packs of X-AIR spacers worth £4.50 each to ten lucky winners.

"X-AIR Spacers, when added to your AV set up can significantly contribute to airflow, which will help stop your device from overheating." Rob Geoghan from X-AIR Technology.

About X-AIR Spacers
Even though electrical devices are designed to operate at relatively high temperatures, other factors including ambient temperature, obstructions, dust, or other factors can cause your device to have a shorter than expected life. With the addition of an X-AIR Spacer, your device will be raised off the surface by an extra 15mm. This will greatly enhance the air circulation around your device.

The X-AIR spacer is constructed of high grade aluminum EN 755-9 rectangular tube, with Silicone rubber pads. Plastic end caps are fitted to the ends of the tube. For extra heat dissipation, you can flip off the plastic end caps.
Aluminium has excellent heat dissipation properties.
Silicone is one of the most heat resistant substances known to man.

Simply answer the following question in order to be entered into the draw.
The prize is one pack of X-AIR spacers (ten to win)

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