Win a Lionsgate Cult Classics Blu-ray Bundle

Win a Lionsgate Cult Classics Blu-ray Bundle

Win a Lionsgate Cult Classics Blu-ray Bundle
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Win a Lionsgate Cult Classics Blu-ray Bundle



LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN follows a gang of young hoodlums, a down and out call girl, an alcoholic father, and a low level union official as they attempt to survive in the harsh underbelly of lower class 1950s Brooklyn.

LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN features an array of talent, including Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight) and Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects).

The film is directed by Uli Edel (The Baader Meinhof Complex) and written by Desmond Nakano (American Pastime) and Hubert Selby Jr. (Requiem for a Dream).

LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN will be available on Blu Ray from 2nd November 2020

To celebrate the release of Last Exit to Brooklyn, we are giving YOU the chance to win a copy of a 5-film Cult Classics Blu-ray Bundle from Lionsgate, including Last Exit to Brooklyn, as well as Reservoir Dogs, Snowpiercer, American Psycho and Requiem for a Dream.

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