Win a copy of 24 Hour Party People on Blu-ray

Win a copy of 24 Hour Party People

Icon Film Distribution presents 24 Hour Party People on collector's edition Blu-ray & DVD from 3 June, and we are giving you a chance to a win a copy on Blu-ray.

The unbelievable true story of one man, one movement, the music and madness that was... Manchester. Turn up the volume and enjoy the cult party classic on Blu-ray for the first time with a euphoric 4.5 hours of bonus material.

An exhilarating portrait of the 80's music scene, 24 Hour Party People is viewed through the drug-glazed eyes of Tony Wilson: founder of one of the most important recording companies in history, Factory Records.

Signing up bands such as Joy Division, Happy Mondays and New Order, Wilson famously went broke doling out artistic freedom, refusing to tie artists down with contracts, and revelling in the birth of rave culture in his commercially doomed, world-famous nightclub, The Hacienda.

A revelatory and unexpectedly inspiring true story of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, 24 Hour Party People is a blackly comic tale with a fantastic soundtrack and a certified must-own for music fans worldwide.

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24 Hour Party People is out on special edition Blu-ray and DVD Monday 3 June

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The prize is a copy of 24 Hour Party People

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