Theodore Rex Competition

Win the Theodore Rex DVD

You asked for it, so we tracked it down!

It’s been the subject of much in-depth discussion on the podcast and by popular demand we located this little seen 1996 masterpiece on DVD.

In a future where extinct animals have been genetically cloned, tough cop Katie Coltrane (Whoopi Goldberg) investigates a murder with her new partner, a T-Rex named Teddy. It’s actually worse than it sounds and we can only assume that the reason it was hard to find is that those involved have been destroying the discs to hide their guilt.

However despite their efforts we have a copy of the US DVD release, which obviously means it’s NTSC and Region 1 locked. The good news is that the disc is anamorphically encoded in the film’s theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1 and includes a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack.

The bad news (aside from the film itself) is that the only extra is the theatrical trailer but can you really blame the cast for not wanting to appear in a ‘making of’ documentary or other promotional material?

This is your chance to win one of the worst films of all time and to make it even more special, Assistant Editor Steve Withers will sign the cover once he’s recovered from being made to review this dino-turkey in the first place.

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The prize is the Theodore Rex DVD

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