Pom Poko Competition

Win Pom Poko Blu-ray

From the acclaimed director of GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES and available for the first time on Blu-ray in stunning high-definition, POM POKO is a unique window into Japanese folklore, a comedy of modern failings, and an elegiac tale of unlikely heroes fighting insurmountable odds.

As civilisation draws ever nearer to their idyllic forest home, a group of mischievous Japanese tanuki raccoons try to scare humans away. But they soon discover that man is not their only rival in the struggle for their age-old territory.

Originally released in 1994 as the Japanese economy slumped but looking back to the sixties construction boom in Tokyo’s Tama Hills, POM POKO questions the money-grabbing ethics of yuppie Japan, and mourns the loss of the countryside. Drawing on Japanese myths and legends, writer and director Isao Takahata presents a satirical view of woodland spirits using every available magical ruse to take on the modern developers: including transformations, sabotage and trickery.

POM POKO was created at the legendary Japanese animation film studio, Studio Ghilbi. Critically acclaimed, POM POKO won the award for Best Animated Feature Film at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 1995 and has become a cult classic for Japanese audiences and fans of anime alike.

Celebrated for its clever visual design and its smooth animation, POM POKO tells the ever-occurring story of age-old traditions clashing with the fast paced developments and trappings of modern society. A cult classic, POMO POKO is a slapstick and-at-times gritty comedy taking a metaphorical swipe at Japanese society, restored to delight new audiences.
The prize is Pom Poko Blu-ray

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