Mad Max Trilogy Blu-ray Boxset Competition

Win a Mad Max Trilogy Blu-ray Boxset

AVForums is giving away a Mad Max Trilogy Blu-ray boxset.

Mad Max
Mad Max follows the revenge spree of a former cop in the post-apocalyptic future after his wife and child are murdered by a gang of vicious motorbike thugs.

Mad Max 2 - 'The Road Warrior
Loner Max helps a small oil-producing community defend itself against a band of crazed thugs.

Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome
Max comes up against a barbaric society led by a warrior queen (Tina Turner).

To read AVForums reviewer Cas Harlow's article on 'Mad Max - Fury Road' got to The Long Wait for Mad Max: Fury Road, which will be out in cinemas on the 15th May 2015.

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The prize is a Mad Max Trilogy Blu-ray Boxset

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