Linsar TV Competition

Win a Linsar 28" 28LED2000S Ultra Slim LED Television

The Linsar 28" Ultra Slim LED Television with Smart, Freeview HD, DVD and Pause/Record via USB
A great all in one solution, the 28" LED Smart TV with built in DVD is packed with features and delivered in one sleek package. Stunning picture quality is provided by the integrated Freeview HD tuner which allows you to watch Freeview HD TV channels without subscription. Simple to set up, easy to use and with access to all Linsar’s Smart features, a DVD player and the ability to Pause live TV at the touch of a button (via USB) - this 28" TV really does pack a punch. Enjoying every feature Linsar has to offer, it’s a stylish solution for any room in the house.
The prize is a Linsar 28" 28LED2000S Ultra Slim LED Television

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