CES fun and misadventures... plus a bit of HiFi

by Steve Withers Jan 5, 2017 at 4:32 PM

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    Ed's CES VLOGs
    Ever wondered what CES is really like?
    Well now is your chance as AVForums HiFi Reviewer Ed Selley attends CES for the first time and takes us along for the ride. In a series of VLOGs Ed will pull back the curtain and reveal how we cover the event and what it's really like at the world's biggest consumer electronics show. He will also be reporting from the main Hi-Fi zones of the show as well as sampling the delights of the convention centre walkways. Stay tuned for new episodes added to this article throughout the week.

    EPISODE ONE - It's Bloody Massive!

    EPISODE TWO - Skin tight blue underpants at CES Unveiled!

    EPISODE THREE - AudioQuest

    EPISODE FOUR - That's no Moon, oh, wait, yes it is!

    EPISODE FIVE - Naim Uniti Music Streamers

    EPISODE SIX - It's a 16 incher!

    EPISODE SEVEN - Technics SL-1200 Turntable and the issues of light...

    EPISODE EIGHT - Chord Mojo, Polly and Hugo 2

    EPISODE NINE - Ed breathes in the wonders of the South Hall

    EPISODE 10 - The AVForums Team hard at work!

    EPISODE 11 - Bergmann Magne, Bel CantoAVI 600 and more...

    EPISODE 12 - Arcam AV860 Receiver

    EPISODE 13 - RHA CL750 and CL1 Earphones and DAC

    EPISODE 14 - MQA Interview

    EPISODE 15 - Monitor Audio

    EPISODE 16 - Tech West

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