PROMOTED: Sky+ and Sky Q offers with free LG TV

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by Promoted Content Poster Apr 8, 2016 at 11:53 AM

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    PROMOTED: Sky+ and Sky Q offers with free LG TV
    Sky is offering the chance to sign up for Sky+ or the new, cutting edge TV experience, Sky Q from as little as £20 per month.
    What’s more, the deals also include the choice of either a free 32-inch LG TV, a Samsung Galaxy Tab E or a £100 reward of your choosing. It doesn’t end there, either, and as an added incentive you can take 6 months of Sky Movies at half price.

    Sky has been at the vanguard of TV innovation since launching in 1989 and their latest advancement, Sky Q, is almost certainly their greatest. Teamed up with the new Sky Q Box, customers can take advantage of a seamless viewing experience and unparalleled flexibility, with the ability to watch on 3 TVs and 2 tablets, at once, and also to record 4 programmes simultaneously, thanks to 12 built-in tuners and 2TB of storage.

    Not only that, the new Sky Q box is also 4k Ultra HD capable with Sky set to launch UHD programming, later in 2016. That’s right, 4K movies, sports and original programming are on the way. Despite packing in all the latest tech, the Sky Q Box is actually only half the size of a conventional Sky+ box!

    Teaming up with the Sky Q Box are the Sky Q Mini and the Sky Q Hub. The Q Mini boxes can be deployed in other rooms and boast more or less the same feature-set as the Sky Q box, only without the built-in tuners; so you can watch any live, recorded on-demand programming you like, anywhere in the house. It really does take the idea of multi-room to the next level and there’s currently nothing else quite like it on the market.

    The Sky Q Hub uses 5GHz wireless AC and has built in powerline networking technology, allowing it to use your in-home electrical wiring as well as Wi-Fi to communicate with Sky Q boxes, automatically using the best connection available. The Sky Q Hub also turns Sky Q boxes into Wi-Fi hotspots, so it’s not just your Sky equipment that will benefit but also any other devices you might have connected to your home network and we’re sure you have many of those.

    To jump in and set your TV free, Sky Q starts from as little as £44 per month.

    Not everyone needs all the advanced features of Sky Q, of course, although AVForums readers are naturally the most tech-savvy and demanding out there. if you want something a little more conventional and straightforward, good old Sky+ still has plenty to offer and deals start at just £20 per month.

    Sky+ offers over 350 channels, including 70 in glorious high definition, and the ability to pause, record and rewind live programming. Every Sky+ bundle comes with access to Sky Go, so you can watch, or download, your favourite programming on mobile, tablet or computer when you’re not at home or, indeed, when you are, should the main Sky+ box be in use by someone else. Sky+ also gives you access to 30 days of catch-up TV from up to 60 channels.

    The latest Sky+ HD Box features built-in WiFi and up to 1180 hours of recording capability with the 2TB version. Also you get all the pause, rewind, record and season recording features that made Sky+ so famous in the first place.

    You can find out more about all the Sky+ offers here and remember that you will be entitled to the free 32-inch LG TV, Samsung Galaxy Tablet or £100 reward for each and every offer, in addition to Sky Movies at half price for 6 months.

    What are you waiting for, offers like these don’t come around very often!

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