PROMOTED: What is home cinema? Getting started

Give your 4K UHD TV the sound its picture quality deserves

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    PROMOTED: What is home cinema? Getting started
    If you have bought a TV with a super-sharp 4K picture then you want the sound to match, right?
    Modern TVs are slimmer than ever before so if you want the best possible audio you need to beef-up your TV speakers with some home cinema tech.

    What is a home cinema system?

    Traditionally known as surround-sound, a home cinema system strategically positions speakers around your room to give you a cinema-like experience. Driving the speakers is an amplifier or RV receiver that plugs into your television and connects to each speaker.
    Whether watching football or a blockbuster movie, you’ll feel slap-bang in the centre of the action. But how do the speakers work?

    5.1 Home Cinema and Dolby Digital

    When talking about home cinema the most common set-up is what’s called a 5.1 system. It’s made up of 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer.
    If you’re familiar with DVD and Blu-ray you’ll have heard of Dolby Digital. This is the global standard for surround sound, and it goes with a 5.1 home cinema system like strawberries and cream.
    With Dolby Digital different elements of the audio from a movie are separated and sent to the relevant speaker to deliver sound from various directions and create a cinematic experience.

    How do you set up a 5.1 system?

      ·Stereo speakers (2): to the left and right in front of the TV for accurate sound effects
      ·Centre speaker (1): sits between the stereo speakers for crisper dialogue
      ·Rear speakers (2): sits behind the sofa for atmospheric and suspenseful sounds
      ·Subwoofer (1): delivers deep bass sounds – and can be placed anywhere

    Surround-sound out of the box

    There’s a belief that surround-sound is fiddly and complicated – and it can be if you choose to buy separate speakers, amplifiers and audio-visual tech.
    But if you want surround-sound in a simpler way, look at all-in-one home cinema kits. This will give you everything you need in a single box - amplifier, speakers, cables and installation instructions.

    Beyond 5.1 – adding more speakers

    Of course, if you’re a home cinema enthusiast with a hankering for the best you can create an even bigger surround sound system.
    A 7.1 set up gives you an additional 2 speakers. These are positioned behind you – slightly higher than the existing rear speakers. Dolby Digital can deliver audio to those additional 2 channels, so the extra speakers are worth it.

    Why Blu-ray is best

    Blu-ray has always been the best way to watch movies with surround sound speakers.
    Why? It delivered Full HD picture quality and Dolby Digital sound. Now we have 4K TV, and a new generation of Blu-ray players and discs designed to go with it.
    For the ultimate in home cinema, match your 4K UHD TV and surround sound speakers with an Ultra HD Blu-ray player and 4K Blu-ray discs.
    Samsung has already launched an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and all the major movie studios are behind 4K discs.

    What about soundbars?

    What if you’re not too bothered about full-blown surround sound, but do want to give your TV’s speakers a serious boost?
    In that case a soundbar is a great option. These are slim, single-enclosures that contain several speakers side-by-side. You can mount them below your TV or rest them on your TV unit.
    They’re incredibly simple to set-up – with no clutter or cables.
    They deliver stereo sound, deeper bass and virtual surround sound if you opt for the right model.

    Find your perfect home cinema system

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